Detox Foot Pad Will Remove All The Dangerous Toxins From The Body Overnight

Detox Food Pad


Detox foot pad first was used in Japan.

It`s a very simple and easy way to get rid of dangerous toxins from your body just with detox foot pad.

You can do this procedure every day through the night and on that way you will not lose your daily time.

Detox foot pad is an easy way to eliminate toxins

This technique is about simple stick-on pads that should be placed on your soles of the feet during the night.

In the morning, you will see how dangerous toxins removed from your body have darkened detox foot pad.

Detox foot pad is placed on your soles because they help circulate lymph and blood into and torso.

Your inactive way of life causes the circulation to bog down around the lower legs, ankles, and feet.

The positive results that you will get from using this detoxification are fewer headaches for you, joint pain and less fatigue.

You can choose between making your own home made pads at home or you can also buy ready-made at the stores.

Ingredients need for detox foot pad:



– Water

– Self-stick gauze pads

– Socks

Preparation of homemade detox foot pad:

Chopped garlic and onion finely and put them aside.

Pour water in one pot and let it boil.

Add the finely sliced onion and garlic in the boiling water.

Let all together boil for the next 10 minutes.

Let the mixture cool down for the next 20 minutes and pour the mixture on the self-stick pads just enough to get wet.

If you have too much from the liquid on the self-stick gauze pads you can squeeze the excess out.

Don`t make wet the sticky part of the self-stick gauze pads.

Patch the ready detox foot pad on the soles of your feet.

You need to put self-stick gauze pads in the center part of your feet.

Put your socks so the pads won`t fall off.

In the morning, you can throw used pad.


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