Detoxification Of The Body From Sugar Poisons!

Sugar Poisons

The detoxification plan from sugar poisons lasts for 30 days, and for that time, you will greatly improve your health.

Sugar is absolutely everything we eat, so in one bread can be two sugar teaspoons, and in cereals seven teaspoons.

They call sugar poisons a tobacco as well because it is harmful to health and also creates dependency.

Sugar poisons are hidden bomb

Sugar poisons are for our bodies like a time bomb that is slowly ticking and it can explode at all times.

Do you think that you do not consume a lot of sugar poisons?

You are mistaken because sugar poisons have found their way to absolutely everything over the years.

You can find them from slices of bread to diet yogurt.

Sugar poisons are a silent killer, so it’s no wonder we have an epidemic of:



– Heart diseases


– Blood coronary diseases

The number of diabetic patients in the last few years has increased by 50 percent.

In addition, the mechanism of creating diseases is not yet fully known to medicine.

However, it is known that unhealthy habits and unhealthy diet are definitely influencing the onset of diabetes.

Thickness and obesity will also increase the risk of diabetes.

At the same time, with refined fats and carbohydrates, when obesity is concerned, the refined sugars are a dangerous silent killer.

Win your seek desire for sweet

It is the last moment to revive our self and also clean the sugars poisons from your body.

Detoxification of those poisonous will bring you health and also reduce the risk of diseases, and how to clean it is designed by British nutritionist Brooke Alpert.

In addition, her plan will help you to fight a seek desire for the sweetness that surrounds you daily.

Here we do not speak about diet.

This is eating plan that aims purification the body from sugar poisons.

You can change the eating habits already in the first three days of this program.

After, you can continue with the detoxification that lasts a total of 30 days.

The first three days will be the hardest, so if you run over these 3 days, you’ll also be able to finish the cycle for 30 days without any problems.

Anyone who tried to give up from sugar knows that it is very difficult and painful.

Dependency is often stronger and, after that, we return very quickly to sugar in some form.

Four years ago, French scientists tested this theory of rats.

The results showed that the rats had eight times the need for sugar rather than for cocaine.

Moreover, that is very shocking given the fact that animals were completely cocaine-dependent and dependent on it.

And, of course, we will wonder why it is so difficult to give up sugar.

Impulse of pain is shut down when sugar poisons “hits”

The answer is that sugar stimulates the excretion of opioids.

The opioid is the chemical substance in the body that stimulates euphoria.

At the same time, it stimulates the dopamine, a chemical substance that monitors the center for enjoying and experiencing something like a reward.

This actually means that impulses of pain in our body will be extinguished the moment the sugar hits the brain.

In addition, to our brain then comes a nice message that we want sugar again and again, more and more.

Like any other substance that causes dependence, the more sugar we consume, the more body will want.

After the detoxification, you will not be more craving for sweets

Sugar is in everything, from processed white flour to fruit juices.

When Dr. Alpert put his patients on a diet without sugar, the results were amazing.

Even a small change, such as throw out refined carbohydrates, would significantly improve the health of the patient.

In addition, that affects losing weight.

Soon it became very clear that fats were not those things that affected gaining weight.

All those patients who lost most pounds were just sugar substitutes.

However, the patients who achieved the greatest success did not just give up from the donuts and croissant.

“Is it all of that so simple?” says Dr. Alpert.

Success is actually coming when the patient gives up on a large number of industrial foods which they did not even believe that had sugar in them.

No cakes about 15 hours

Success can be achieved by following a plan to expel sugar poisons from the body.

In the first three days, you will completely expel sugar from eating and you will eat high-protein foods.

The plan is designed to reduce craving of sweetness to a minimum and also help you to win over dependence.

After you have this detoxification, you will not have a desire for the biscuits when you have the crisis.

Also, you will feel lighter and smoother and look younger.

Three-day regime

To begin with, you have to choose three consecutive days where you will begin your new and also very specific diet regime.

The goal is to clear your body from sugar and carbohydrates for a long time.

On that way, you allow the delicate internal systems of your body to reset.

The concept of detoxification is to eat foods with a low-glycemic index.

The low-glycemic index is based on how much you raise your blood sugar level after you eat a particular type of food.

The first three days are the most important

The first three days of detoxification will be followed by a basic menu that you need to follow.

You will have similar meals for three days, and variety will come in a later stage.

In addition, if you are a vegetarian, eat tofu instead of fish or meat.

To make the meals a little more varied, combine different salads these three days.

Avoid rotten vegetables, such as carrots.

Do not forget to drink lots of water, as well as black tea, green tea, and also herbal tea.

It is very important that you do not, in any case, consume foods that are strictly forbidden in the first three days.

Those ingredients are milk, yogurt, cheese, cereals, pasta, bread, spinach, alcohol and all fruits except lemons.

Four weeks

In the first week, you find great changes in mood and level of energy.

The ban on sugar consumption is still valid as well as the ban on most carbon hydrates.

In addition, you can slowly introduce natural sugars (dairy products or apples once a day).

Alcohol is also allowed in the first week, but only in red wine.

You can eat vegetables without limitation.

By the second week, you will already feel cleansed and full of energy.

You can extend your diet to two meals of dairy products per day, berry fruit, and also popcorn.

The desire for sweets has lost.

You’ve been in the third week for 14 days without sugar.

Fill the meal with good grain, but you can reward you with a little dark chocolate (30 grams).

In the fourth week, insert in your diet brown rice or whole wheat cereal.

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