Diabetes Remedies! Natural Remedies!

Diabetes Remedies

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs due to lack of insulin in the body.

As a consequence of this disease occurs in disorders of glucose metabolism, protein, and fat.

The most common symptoms of diabetes are xerostomia (dry mouth), general body weakness, fatigue and weight loss.

Plants that regulate blood sugar levels

Dandelion is one of the useful natural diabetes remedies for liver and gall

This herb is good natural remedy for the regulation of blood sugar levels.

For the treatment of diabetes is necessary during the spring, all the while dandelion flower, every day, you need to eat 10 fresh dandelion.

In this plant, previously washed with flower and only then remove the flowers.

Then the stem and slowly chew well, so swallow.

It was confirmed that the spice cinnamon rather increases the activity of insulin so that one spoon of cinnamon a day can significantly reduce blood sugar levels.

In addition, this spice and lowers the level of the bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

This is also one of the diabetes remedies.

Diabetes Remedies – good to know

Medicinal mushrooms – Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), supplemented by a lack of insulin in the body and positively affects the proper functioning of the pancreas and consequently leads to the regulation of blood sugar levels.

This fungus is so woody composition is usually prepared as a tea.

Raspberry is also one of useful natural diabetes remedy for regulating blood sugar levels.

Corn, oats or oat clean the blood vessels and helps in the treatment of diabetes and you can use like diabetes remedies.

Treatment of diabetes includes diet food with reduced carbohydrate intake.

Throw out the unhealthy fat and healthy and beneficial use such as flaxseed and fish oil.

When blood sugar levels normalize the diet can be imported butter, olive and coconut oil.

It is necessary to pay attention to adequate intake of minerals.

That is because the disease often causes a lack of minerals in the body.

For diabetics, it good to use, Jerusalem artichoke (similar to a potato plant, which is also a healthy diabetes remedies alternative to potatoes).

This plant, unlike potatoes, does not contain starch, but inulin.

Parsley is used since ancient times for treatment and alleviation of diabetes.

Chop hundreds of fresh parsley leaves and grate finely the root of this plant.

Mix all of that with one cup of sour milk or yogurt.

You need to drink this remedy every night before going to sleep.