DIARRHEA – Natural ways to stop


Diarrhea involves frequent feces, mushy or watery feces when their daily amount is more than 300 grams.

Frequently it comes to acute diarrhea that occurs in previously completely healthy people, especially during the summer.

This type of illness is usually the result of infection of the digestive tract, which occurs under the influence of various bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites.

This kind of infection can often last from a few hours to several days.

Occasionally diarrhea is more serious because it almost always indicates some other problem in the body and appears as one of the symptoms.

This may indicate a disorder of the digestive organs, vascular bowel diseases, malignant diseases of the digestive tract, metabolism disorders in the case of diabetes, hypothyroidism, uremia, etc …

In addition, chronic diarrhea can occur after various surgical procedures or as a result of misuse of laxative medications, antibiotics, etc.

The following is a logical conclusion that the treatment of this type of illness is very complex and should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Diarrhea is better to stop quickly

In contrast, acute diarrhea in most cases can stop using simple traditional medicines.

Natural medicines against diarrhea can be quickly prepared and with the parallel implementation of a diet food, act quickly.

-Thus, in the case to have this illness caused by bacteria and viruses in the first place should pay attention to eating which should include foods with less fiber, with lots of fluids. In particular, avoid dairy products, fats and sugar.

In those days, the diet should be forced toast, crackers, rice, boiled chicken, eggs, and lean clear soup to avoid dehydration of the body.

-For the control of diarrhea is very useful to drink the water in which the previously was cooked rice, and, of course, no added fat. It is in folk medicine popularly called “rice-water”.

-Dark chocolate has always known a natural remedy for diarrhea.

-Dark chocolate really has the capacity to help against diarrhea. With no need to overdo it, it is often enough to eat 2-3 small cubes.Grated apples are also useful in situations like this because it is rich in pectin (a kind of vegetable gelatin), and the best choice is the sour apple.

Grated apples before eating should be allowed to stand (about 2 hours). It`s true that for that time apple will get a dark color and it will not look good but really such acts against diarrhea.

Blueberry also can stop acute diarrhea.

Clove can be used for treating diarrhea

Houseleek is also one of the natural ways to treat this condition

-As far as herbal medicine to treat diarrhea are the most popular tea-leaf blackberry leaf tea quince and rose hip tea.

-If the diarrhea is caused by bacteria, which is common in the summer months, I will come and ginger tea because it has antibacterial properties.

-Finally, it should be noted that wild oregano oil is one of the most powerful natural resources with antiseptic, and can certainly be of great benefit for the treatment of diarrhea whose cause so-called “food poisoning”.

Note: If after 5-6 days you are still wondering, “How to stop diarrhea?”, you have a good reason to visit the doctor because he was probably not about the innocence of acute diarrhea.

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