The Discovery That Shocked Even Doctors! This Is The Cause Of Every 5th Heart Attack!

Heart Attack

Did you know that depression and heart attack are also in very close correlation?!

That is saying a new German study.

The statistics show that depression is very dangerous disease and also affects the heart as well as obesity and high blood pressure – hypertension!

The collected data found that depression causes as many as 15 percents of heart failure.

In addition, for obesity is about 21 percent and also for high blood pressure is about 84 per cent.

Experts point out that this information is of great importance because depression affects 350 million people worldwide.

That is according to the World Health Organization.

Study author, Professor Karl-Heinz Ludwig from the Technical University of Munich says that there is no doubt that depression is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

At the same time, the question is what are relationships of depression and some other risk factors.

The other heart attack risk factors are:


– High cholesterol


– Hypertension

How much have those risk factors role at heart attack risk?

The study was following over 10 years about 3,500 male patients at the age from 45 years to 74 years.

During the study, more than 500 people died, and half of them died from heart disease.

Depression was the cause in 15 percent of deaths.

The study authors say that they found that, between all the main factors which are risk factors for heart disease, depression has a medium strong influence.

In high-risk patients, the diagnosis of depression need to be the standard procedure – says, Professor Karl-Heinz Ludwig.

However, the best way to prevent a heart attack is to know and recognize the symptoms of heart attack.

The common symptoms of heart attack:

-1. Discomfort and also pain in your chest

-2. Anxiously state

-3. Frequent fatigue

-4. Intense cough

-5. The irregular and rapid pulse

-6. Weakness in your legs

-7. Swelling of your legs

-8. Increased sweating

-9. Loss of appetite and nausea

-10. Pain in some other parts of your body

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