DIY! A Simple Recipe Against Persistent Fungus – Candida!

Persistent Fungus

Persistent Fungus

Yogurt, garlic, carrot, ginger and cinnamon are the only thing you need to make a mixture that will help you to get rid you of this persistent fungus.

In addition, this is one easy and simple recipe which will be beneficially working on your body.

Remove persistent fungus with this natural remedy

We don`t need to explain how important is for every woman to maintain vaginal care.

Tips for vaginal care:

– Wash intimate area daily

– It`s good to wax intimate area

– Be tidy during menstruation

– Wear nice cotton panties

It is crucial to have everyday hygiene and care about one of the most important parts of woman`s body.

Every woman in her life can get vaginal infections which are part of normal life, but if those infections happen too many times that she need to visit a doctor and take natural treatments to get rid of that unpleasant vaginal infection.

Here are common causes of vaginal infections:

– Wash your panties at lower temperature than 60 degrees

– Diabetes and pregnancy

– Daily use of tampons and panties

– Do not wear tight clothing

– Use of plenty acidic foods

– Do not wear wet bathing suit

– Not enough sleep and stressful life

– Do not drink too much alcohol

– Consuming foods that are rich in carbohydrates

– Some antibiotics can disrupt your health and balance between bad and good bacteria

The recipe that will help you against persistent fungus

This persistent fungus is a common inhabitant of the body, but here’s a recipe that can all be used, and also has a beneficial effect on the entire organism.

Recipe against persistent fungus

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 1 cup of fresh yogurt

– 2 cloves of natural garlic

– 1 carrot

– A half teaspoon of ginger

– A half teaspoon of cinnamon

Instructions for preparation the recipe:

First, you need to grate carrots, garlic, ginger and add to the fresh yogurt.

Add the cinnamon to the mixture.

Mix all ingredients well, let it aside a little bit and eat as a salad once a day.


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