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Do Not Ignore These 7 Changes In Urine!

Do Not Ignore These 7 Changes In Urine!

If by now you have not looked at your urine and also what you leave behind in the toilet after urination, it may be a good time to change your habits.

Here are some warning signs on what you should watch every time you go to bed.

When in the toilet, do you throw a regular look at what you’ve left in before you let the water go?

If you have not answered yes, it also might be a good time to change your habits.

Here are some warning signs on what you should watch every time when you go in the toilet.

Do Not Ignore These 7 Changes In Urine

– 1. If it has a sweetish smell

No, that has nothing to do that you are a chocolate lover.

A sweet smell of your urine is often a symptom of diabetes diagnosis.

For people who already know that they have diabetes, that smelt might indicate that their level of blood sugar is not within normal limits.

– 2. Your urine is not clear

This could be the only indication that there are some undesirable bacteria in the urinary tract.

This blurriness is caused by the secretion of bacteria and leukocytes – cells that fight infections.

In addition, if you feel good and do not have other symptoms, pay attention to this because this could be a sign of infection.

– 3. It has a red or pink color

Although pink-red vegetables may be the culprit for this color change, the color may also point to the presence of blood in the urine.

That is never a good sign.

This may be a symptom of urinary infection, kidney stones, and in rare cases even bladder cancer or kidney cancer.

– 4. It smells very repellent

The urine should not smell like a rose, but if it has an extremely strong, odor-like smell (like a broken fruit or compost), your urinary bladder warns you that there is an infection.

– 5. Prickling while you pee

Prickling or also pain while prickling may be caused by infection or sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia or gonorrhea.

– 6. When you have constant feelings of pressure

This is also a classic symptom of urinary infection.

In that case, your urinary bladder and urinary tract have an infection.

Therefore, you have the feeling that you need to visit constantly the toilet.

This may be the symptom of interstitial cystitis.

That is a condition that is difficult to diagnose, resulting in chronic pain or pressure of the bladder.

– 7. You visit the toilet a lot more than usual

If you have these needs you may also be pregnant, if you are a woman.

But if you are certain that you are not pregnant, then you have been drinking more alcohol or a drink with caffeine than usual.

This could also be a sign of diabetes or a tumor if you can exclude everything else.

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