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Doctor From Cambridge Reveals How To Starve Tumors And Prevent Cancer!

Doctor From Cambridge Reveals How To Starve Tumors And Prevent Cancer!

He has been researching with colleagues that certain foods have an extremely anti-Angiogenesis effect, and can also starve tumors and prevent cancer.

Those healthy foods are even stronger than some medications.

Internal Medicine Doctor of Chemistry William Li has been involved in the examination of Angiogenesis.

In addition, he is involved in the growth of blood vessel and capillaries that supply tumors with blood.

Without blood vessels, the tumor could not develop – but the question is how to stop their growth?

Dr. Li says the solution does not have to be expensive medication.

We need to know just a little bit better with what the green market can offer to us.

Dr. Li is very objective and does not claim that malignant cells can destroy on easy way.

He says that tumors cannot just be cured, but “surgery is needed”.

However, what we can do is to literally “starve” it while it is still in the formation phase, by preventing angiogenesis.

To understand what this is actually saying (believe it, it is more useful and interesting than it does) we need to understand also how the tumors and cancers really work.

Specifically, microscopic tumors are constantly occurring in a healthy organism.

The autopsy has shown that 40 percent of healthy women between the ages of 40 and 50 have breast cancer microscopic.

At the same time, 50 percent of men in the 50s and 60s have prostate tumors.

According to Dr. Li’s predictions, 100 percent will receive microscopic cancers in the thyroid gland up to 70 years.

It is a good sign that these microscopic cancers are not a danger until they grow.

Starve tumors and prevent cancer

In order to grow and shrink, it is necessary for them the blood and oxygen that they receive from the blood vessels and the capillaries.

A bad news is that cancer promotes the development of blood vessels around it.

At the same time, it accelerates angiogenesis and the tumor develops much faster.

It is interesting that this happens in all types of tumors.

That can be also the case for a successful prevention of cancer growth and development.

There are a large number of experimental drugs that work exactly on the basis of preventing blood flow to the tumor.

However, Dr. Li believes that all that is really necessary to prevent the onset of cancer or its spreading we can stop with our healthy kitchen.

Namely, he has been researching with colleagues that certain foods have an extremely anti-angiogenesis effect and even stronger than some medications!

Healthy foods that “starve” tumors:

– Red grapes

– Kale


– Nutmeg

– Artichoke

– Lavender


– Tuna



– Tomato

– Olive oil

Grape seed oil

– Black chocolate

– Cherry

– Pineapple

– Green tea


– Blueberries

– Red wine


– Oranges

– Grapefruit


Apple, etc.

The list of natural healthy foods is endless.

These foods inhibit tumor growth and growth, but they are also the best allayer in weight loss!

Namely, the same principle as tumors also grows fat in the body.

That is because fat cannot grow and spread without blood flow.

That is why new blood vessels and capillaries that supply fatty tissue with blood are being created.

Do you know what will happen if you do not get that blood?

That’s right, it will vanish.

This is a great way to prevent possible micro tumors from becoming a real problem or at least slowing down their growth.

You can watch this video and make a conclusion by yourself.


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