Home Health The Doctor Performed An Experiment On Himself! To Lose Weight And Be healthy! (VIDEO)
The Doctor Performed An Experiment On Himself! To Lose Weight And Be healthy! (VIDEO)

The Doctor Performed An Experiment On Himself! To Lose Weight And Be healthy! (VIDEO)

Dr. Daryl Gioffre claims that he has a solution to get free of sugar and also lose weight, thanks to this type of diet.

Many celebrities that lose weight give a great advantage to the alkaline diet.

They also reveal that this alkaline diet is responsible for their youthful and healthy appearance.

The idea to lose weight is that we need to use alkaline or basic food instead of highly acidic foods.

As you know, acidic foods can make our body acidic body and cause disease and inflammation.

To be energetic, beautiful, lose weight, and also stay healthy, you need to know that the causes of diseases and obesity are acidic body and inflammation.

That is also the opinion of chiropractor and nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre.

Dr. Daryl Gioffre has advised numerous Hollywood stars on changing their lifestyles.

Now, about 80 % of the time he is using alkaline diet regime.

At the same time, he has more energy than twenty years ago, although he is now 40th.

He is running ultra-marathon and triathlon and also cannot remember the last time he was sick.

The only one principle that he proposes is strict and simple.

Use alkaline diet to lose weight

The most important thing is to eliminate from your diet dairy products, alcohol, meat, coffee, sugar and also gluten.

Instead of those unhealthy foods, his proposal is to have menu rich in green leafy vegetables and other alkaline ingredients.

You need to avoid and consuming a lot of fruit because according to the principles of the alkaline diet “sugar is sugar”, in whatever form is coming.

One of the misconceptions is that this kind of diet changes the pH value of our blood.

That is not possible because our body is strictly regulating pH value and diet cannot greatly affect it.

On the other hand, whenever you consume too many acidic foods, the body will also maintain the same level of pH value.

Of course, all of that will be at the expense of the health of bones and heart, because our body will pull out alkaline minerals from our own resources!

Dr. Daryl Gioffre is recommending that after one week-long of consuming exclusively alkaline foods, keep on a similar regime.

Actually, at least 60-70 % of your diet needs to be from alkaline basic foods.

A lot of people think that a healthy lifestyle includes the elimination of all the foods we love.

This is not entirely correct.

You can enjoy some of your foods but also you need to keep 60-70% of alkaline ingredient for good health.


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