Doctors Agreed! This Is A Product That Causes Cancer!

Causes Cancer

Causes Cancer

This is the worst thing that you are taking, and scientists believe that this food – ingredient causes cancer.

Not only that as we all know, sugar is a primary source of weight gain, but it is proven that high-fructose corn syrup is particularly dangerous and causes cancer.

Be aware of ingredient that causes cancer

It has happened that you took one cookie with this ingredient inside.

After the first cookie, you were attracted and you took one more again and again until you eat the whole box?

This is the glucose-fructose syrup that makes you eat more and more sugar and you never stop.

Manufacturers use it because it is extremely cheaper than sugar, but all doctors agreed that this ingredient causes cancer.

If you want to avoid this product, be always sure to read the specification of the ingredients on the label.

Whenever you see that this dangerous ingredient is on the list of specification of the food you eat and avoid it and use some other natural food.

This harmful food is especially spread among Americans because they have a lot of products with high fructose corn syrup.

That is a mix of glucose and fructose that is normally used in a lot of soft drinks, the bread they eat and a lot of other foods.

It is debated whether this high fructose corn syrup is helping for a lot of Americans to be less healthy and fatter.

One research that was recently published in the “Cancer Research” – journal discover that the various types of sugar are using metabolic pathways to feed cancer.

In that research were used pancreatic cancer cells.

Pancreatic cancer cells are among the most deadly and rapid-killing type of cancer.

It was proved the old adage which said that sugar – glucose feeds dangerous cancer cells.

The cancer cells actually do thrive on glucose – sugar.



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