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The Doctors Were Wrong 60 Years About Cancer Cells!

The Doctors Were Wrong 60 Years About Cancer Cells!

The doctors discover that fat energy is a source proliferating cancer cells, not sugar as previously they believe.

This discovery opens up completely new possibilities for the development of drugs against this disease.

For decades, scientists thought that for the growth of a deadly form of brain cancer is white poison – sugar.

What causes growing of cancer cells?

However, now they discover that trick that they use to grow tissue in the laboratory actually cheat them.

In addition, now they think that cancer cells need fat for growing.

The discovery led to a completely new approach in the treatment of this disease.

This can contribute to the creation of drugs that could significantly prolong the lives of patients.

Gliomas, such as astrocytoma and ependymoma are among the most difficult brain cancers to treat.

According to statistics, about 60 percent of patients die within a period of one year.

Dr. Elizabeth, which has been at the forefront of this study, is said that most of the cells in the brain used sugar as an energy source.

Therefore, it was thought that the cancer cells of the brain function in the same way.

However, during the research, they discover that brain tumors actually react and are growing by the fat.

Sugar was not a cause for growing the brain tumor cells.

They treat mice that have a brain tumor with a drug – etomoxir its shows that this drug slows the growing of cancer cells.

Etomoxir is designed to prevent the cancer cells from absorbing fats.

“Sixty years ago we believed that the energy source of all tumors is sugar.

However, it turns out, at least as far as we speak about the brain tumor that we made a mistake,” said Dr. Elizabeth.

She also adds that it is possible for different types of tumors have different sources of energy in the same way as they do different parts of the body.

This is just one more interesting study by doctors.


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