If You Don`t Sleep Enough You Get Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Gaunt Face, And Look 10 Years Older!

Sleep Enough

If you do not sleep enough, your body secretes more of the hormone cortisol.

In addition, this hormone – cortisol reduces the level of collagen.

As you already know the collagen is a key substance that keeps the skin young.

For the purposes of the experiment, scientists decide to show volunteers that if you don`t sleep enough it will affect premature aging.

The purpose of that experiment is to encourage people to change their habits in sleeping.

At the same time, they need to understand that sleep enough is good for their skin, look and overall health.

Several people gathered and they were asked to say how much they sleep and what the reasons are for not sleep enough.

Sleep enough for your overall health

One volunteer said that she has trouble with sleeping.

Another volunteer admitted that he sleep only three to four hours per day.

The second volunteer wants to sleep fewer hours, that`s why he wants to reduce sleeping.

Because of the unsatisfactory response – no one said that sleep more than 6 hours.

The makeup artist, show them how they will look after 10 years if they do not change sleeping habits and sleep enough.

On the other hand, with a lack of sleep, the body does not produce enough growth hormone.

That is reflecting in the appearance of the skin.

The first symptoms appear fine lines around the eyes, eye bags, and dark circles.

When they saw them self in the mirror, they were astonished, disgusted, frightened.

Now they know that sleeping enough is good for them and their health.

Sleep deprivation will not just destroy your physical health.

At the same time, it is destroying your mental health.

Destroying mental health can go from small irritation to the most dangerous full-scale mental disease.

In addition, sleep deprivation can have harmful consequences as from brain health to increasing your stress levels.

Look at the video, and ask yourself if you provide your body enough sleep.

Hope that we help you to understand how much important is enough sleeping for your body and health.

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