Home Health If You Drink An Antibiotic Like This, You Are In A Big Risk! Experts Warn!
If You Drink An Antibiotic Like This, You Are In A Big Risk! Experts Warn!

If You Drink An Antibiotic Like This, You Are In A Big Risk! Experts Warn!

Although you no longer have symptoms, you need to drink the whole batch of antibiotic that your doctor will prescribe – this is the standard advice.

Doctors give this advice because it is considered that the premature withdrawal of the drug leads to antibiotic resistance.

If the bacteria are not completely destroyed, the disease can come back and stronger than before.

Moreover, then you will need much more antibiotics to win disease.

But some experts oppose the council, says “Men’s Health”.

In the latest report of the awareness campaign taking antibiotics prepared for the World Health Organization, the researchers point out that there is an argument to stop taking antibiotics if you have signs and symptoms of infection have disappeared, even though you have left more capsules that are supposed to drink.

Exposure to antibiotic makes bacteria resistant

Continue taking the whole tour of an antibiotic may expose us to greater risk to produce allergic reactions.

In addition, it can cause kidney damage, damage to the antibody, and also problems with the liver – says Dr. Luis Rice Brown University.

“Exposure to antibiotics is what makes it resistant bacteria” – says Rice.

Do not continue unnecessarily to drink the medicine if you don`t have anymore the infection.

You are giving to bacteria more time to figure out how to avoid it, and that in the future creates a resistance to antibiotics.

The longer you take the antibiotic, the more likely that will begin to dominate the resistant bacteria.

“That will happen primarily in the gastrointestinal tract and on the skin” – says Dr. Rice.

When this happens, resistant bacteria will begin to expand, especially in hospitals where there are other people who drink antibiotics and probably have jeopardized immunity.

However, some infections require full dose antibiotic.

This does not mean that you should stop drinking medicine that time as soon as you start to feel better.

There are infections such as strep throat, Legionnaires’ disease and tuberculosis, for which treatment requires a full dose of antibiotics.

For other diseases, you need to consult with a physician.

Generally, if you feel better, that suggests that your immune system has control of the disease.

Of course, each case is unique and there is no treatment that would not be the same for everyone.

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