Home Drinks Dry Fruit Tea, Makes Wonders For The Organism! (RECIPE)
Dry Fruit Tea, Makes Wonders For The Organism! (RECIPE)

Dry Fruit Tea, Makes Wonders For The Organism! (RECIPE)

Dry fruit tea will give you a full taste, sweetness, and also color will show you the full enjoyment and health benefits for your organism.

When cold weather comes, the teas become more frequent.

At the same time, they are excellent protection against colds and viruses.

Dry fruit tea is healthy and very tasty, and it is important to drink it in limited quantities.

Dry fruit tea recipe

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 4 packs of dry fruit tea (pomegranate, cranberry, orange, strawberry …)

– A small amount of candied orange

– A small amount of candied pineapple

– Also, a small amount of candied papaya

– A small amount of candied mango

– A small amount of dry cranberry

– Natural honey by your desire or natural sweetener – Stevia

– A little cinnamon

Preparation of the recipe:

Cook the tea in the usual way, with water.

Add the dry fruit to the bottom of each cup and also pour it with the hot tea.

After it cools, add natural honey or natural sweetener and also put some cinnamon.

If you are serving this dry fruit tea in a glass cup, you will also enjoy with all your senses.

Fruit is seen at the bottom.

In addition, the color of the tea will attract you to drink it more and more.

With him occasionally you can nibble different fruits by your desire for a more intense taste.

Share this recipe with your family members and also friends.


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