Home Health What Dry Skin Warns You? Symptom Of 3 Diseases!
What Dry Skin Warns You? Symptom Of 3 Diseases!

What Dry Skin Warns You? Symptom Of 3 Diseases!

Dry skin is usually harmless and easy to treat when you start regularly to apply moisturizing agents.

But what if the skin remains dry, and besides itching, no matter how much you hydrate it?

If you cannot eliminate dry skin, skin problems are accompanied by other unusual symptoms.

If you do not know the cause, visit a doctor, because in this case, that type of skin may be a symptom of a more serious health problem.

Dry skin can be the sign of:

-1. Diabetes

It is not uncommon for diabetes to manifest itself on the skin.

When the blood sugar levels are chronically high, the body loses fluid much faster because of which the skin becomes dehydrated.

Diabetes can also impair the ability of normal sweating, which also reduces the skin’s moisture.

In cases where the skin is extremely dry, cracks on the skin may become susceptible to bacteria that are fed with glucose.

That can lead to potentially dangerous infections.

-2. Hypothyroidism – Slow Thyroid Function

The thyroid gland produces hormones that allow body cells to work in a steady condition.

When the level of the hormone becomes too low, everything else begins to slow down.

All of those can be followed by a constant sense of:

– Coldness

– Faster tiredness

– Easier losing memory

– A sense of depression

– Anxiety

The thyroid gland hormones have receptors in the skin and allow new cells to constantly replace the dead cells.

In addition, the skin may become plaster, rough and scratchy.

If it`s the hypothyroidism diagnosed with blood tests, and if it is diagnosed, it is likely that you will need to keep the hormones back in balance.

Hypothyroidism you can also treat with increasing the intake of foods that contain higher amounts of iodine, selenium, and zinc.

-3. Kidney diseases

A large number of people have kidney problems that they do not even know because symptoms are usually connected with other diseases.

Those diseases are:

– Constant fatigue

– Difficulty concentrating

Sleeping problems

– Frequent urination

Dry and itching skin is happening when kidneys cannot longer maintain a proper balance of minerals and nutrients in the bloodstream.

Kidney disease is diagnosed with urine and blood test.

It is especially important to perform annual analysis if you are at an increased risk of kidney disease.

You need also to check if you have high blood pressure, diabetes in your family history of kidney disease and more than 60 years.

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