E-Cigarettes Have 10X More Cancer-Causing Ingredients Than Regular Cigarettes



The trendy and well-known E-Cigarettes maybe are not safe for our health as originally was thought.

In the beginning, we thought that these cigarettes are the replacement for conventional cigarettes and we can use them without dangers and complications.

However, a study from the Japanese Ministry of Health discovered that acetaldehyde and formaldehyde carcinogens in the numerous E-Cigarettes products.

Japanese scientists also announced that these cigarettes contain 10 times more the level of cancer-causing carcinogens from conventional cigarettes.

They found that these cigarettes can also fuel potentially dangerous and harmful drug-resistant pathogens.

All of that is based by a study where they were testing E-Cigarettes vapor on human cells and live MRSA – Methicilin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

E-Cigarettes is the new danger in the modern world

The UN health agency statement was that these cigarettes there is enough danger for the health on adults and children, women of reproductive age and pregnant women and should be forbidden in public indoor places.

There is a new study from the German Cancer Research Center from Heidelberg that shows our new fashion E-Cigarettes are unhealthy.

E-Cigarettes contain dangerous and volatile compounds such as silicate, benzopyrene, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, acetone and different metal particles.

The German Cancer Research Center calls these cigarettes that are an uncontrolled experiment on people that use them.

These trendy E-Cigarettes are not emission free.

They have more volatile organic which include nicotine, flavors and propylene glycol, and are emitted like aerosol or mist into the indoor air.

These ultrafine liquid particles that have a diameter less than 2.5 micrometers can penetrate deeply into our lungs.

This study showed that E-Cigarettes produce less ultrafine particles from conventional cigarettes.

These substances that E-Cigarettes are emitting can be inhaled by non-smokers if they are used indoor.

Second-hand exposure to dangerous E-Cigarettes emission can lead to negative health effects and they cannot be avoided is into the report of the German Cancer Research Center.

The studies go further with explanation from the German Cancer Research Center, with report and disclose more unhealthy things about these cigarettes:

-1. Besides main ingredients: tobacco-specific nitrosamines, flavors, nicotine and glycol there are other volatile and dangerous compounds like silicate, benzopyrene, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, acetone and different metal particles.

-2. E-Cigarettes have a particle size between 100-600 nanometers, which are similar and found at the tobacco smoke in the conventional cigarettes.

It`s true that these levels are lower, but they can be accumulated in the indoor air.

The results of research by the FDA in the United States found carcinogenic chemicals and toxic in some E-Cigarettes.

We don`t need to tell us that inhaling some unknown vapors is not good for our health.

It`s good to know that these second-hand products are harming us and we need to take precautions around our children and us.

The only one useful thing that we will definitely have from this study is that it will not pass a long time before the states begin to put some laws and forbid to use E-Cigarettes for smoking in public indoor places.

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