We Eat Chips Unlimited And Give To The Children! This Is The Most Toxic Food In The World!



World renowned media dealing with nutrition and healthy lifestyle have made a mess when they said that chips are the worst food that you cannot eat.

People nowadays consume toxic food, sometimes in large amounts, and usually, they have no clue what actually they eat.

Such an attitude towards food is the cause of many diseases today.

One of these foods is chips, which caused a sensation in the food world.

The specific American media like “Natural News”, “Living traditionally”, “Healthy food house” and many others were declared chips as the most poisonous food product in a food market in the world!

That food is not consumed by billions of people in abnormal amounts.

Yes, we all know that chips are unhealthy.

At the same time, it is so toxic that it is absolutely necessary to switch off from the daily diet.

In addition, no one is completely clear why to do that.

Think twice before you eat again chips

If people knew the truth, they would never consume this carcinogenic food again.

Many people are convinced that the chips are made from potatoes, but how these media said, this is far from the truth.

As these America media write, the first stage of production, ingredients such as rice, wheat, corn and potatoes flakes are mixed to form a dough.

Then the mixture is shaped into molds, fried in boiling oil and dried.

In the final phase of chips are added flavorings, which are toxic.

All the ingredients for the chips mixture are genetically modified because they are more accessible and cheaper.

One of the most dangerous and hazardous components is not added to the manufacturing process.

That by-product is made through processing.

It is acrylamide.

This is a dangerous carcinogen, which has long been known to cause cancer in animals.

Chips have this carcinogenic compound in abnormal amounts, much more than the allowed rate by the above-mentioned media.

The creation of acrylamide comes when prepared food has been exposed to thermal processing of baking and roasting.

These processes are particularly present in the chips because it`s baking at high temperatures and dry at a high temperature.

The fact is that all the food that is processed at temperatures above 100 degrees contains this carcinogenic substance.

The level of this substance in the popular products that are used in the world is above the allowed percentage.

In the year 2005, California State sued a factory for failing to warn their customers to hazards and toxins dangerous to human health that is found in food products.


Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27389082


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