Effectively Like Liposuction! Here Is How To Get Rid Of Double Chin For 14 Days! (VIDEO)

Double Chin

Double Chin

If you regularly and properly perform this simple exercise to get rid of double chin like the video below, you will notice the first results in 10-14 days.

Wrinkling and sagging skin characteristically increase with the increase of years at women.

When it comes to the double chin on the neck, major role plays genetics and body weight at women.

Therefore, in obese people, we can see a phenomenon called double chin.

Here is a way to remove the unwanted double chin on your neck.

These effective exercises and massage will give great results.

You will just need 20 minutes of your daily time

There are three types of exercises that you can apply on a daily basis to get rid of double chin.

Ways to get rid of double chin

-1. Tilt your head back and gently stuck your lower jaw.

You can feel that the neck muscles are tightening.

Count slowly to 10 and return head forward a few inches.

Then again lean back your head back.

Tilt your head just back and forward.

Do not twist the neck to the side.

The key point is the area under the chin and right there you should feel tension.

-2. After this exercise, relax the neck and put your head down.

You will feel that your muscles are relaxing.

Again, threw back your head and pursed your jaw.

Hold this position for a count of 10th.

-3. Return the head to its normal position but now slowly lift your chin up with slow movements.

Work on the muscles under the chin will not only tighten them.

On that way, your skin on the neck will be again smooth and relaxed but tight.

See video with the exercises whose implementation can significantly regulate and fix your double chin.


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