Eggplant Diet! One Of The Tastiest And Easiest Mono Diet!

Eggplant Diet

With Eggplant diet method, which optimally lasts 14 days, you can lose up to 17 pounds of your unwanted weight.

For the eggplant diet, people say that is one of the tastiest and easiest mono-diet for holding.

It lasts 14 days and it is an optimal time for best results (after this period comes to a halt in weight loss).

You must be wondering how many pounds can be lost with eggplant diet for these two weeks.

The number is impressive and ranges up to 17 pounds!

Of course, do not forget the golden rule of weight loss which is – the closer you are to your ideal weight you will lose fewer pounds on eggplant diet.

Eggplant has a unique healing and health properties of the diet and can significantly reduce cholesterol levels.

It is rich in manganese, which helps to speed up metabolism.

100 grams of the particularly valuable fruit contains only 28 calories.

Fruits are rich in fiber, which are removing excess fluid and waste products from the body.

Recent studies indicate that fiber helps the body to get rid of cancer cells.

In addition, to fighting cancer, this plant has numerous health benefits which you can find on our article about Eggplant.

Eggplant diet to lose weight


Breakfast for two weeks is same: salad of eggplant with tomato.

Take one large eggplant, cut it into slices, season with a little sea salt and leave for 10 minutes to release the juice.

After that, cut into cubes, place in a salad bowl, add the diced sliced larger tomatoes (or pour 1 dl cooked).

Then pot over one tablespoon of olive oil and leave to rest for a bit.

In addition, you can drink a cup of coffee or green tea.

Of course, you need to drink coffee and tea without sugar.


Soup of eggplant: To make soup, you need one or two eggplants, which you will cut into strips and lightly fry in butter.

Then add the parsnip cut into small cubes, fresh peppers cut into strips, carrots, and onions.

Simmer all together for five minutes.

Then, drop the vegetables in boiling salted water and cook for five minutes.

You can also add greens in the soup (leaves of parsley, parsnip, celery …).

The amount of soup that you can eat is up to you.


Braised eggplant with vegetables: 1 eggplant baked in the oven, seasoned with a little garlic.

In addition, it allowed 2 slices rye bread, weighing not more than 30 grams and a cup of low-fat yogurt or sour milk.

Here are some ideas for the following days

As you saw in the example above – it’s all about eggplant.

This incredible and healthy ingredient is present in all three meals.

Since the breakfast is always the same, be creative for the other two meals, which can be grilled eggplant topped with soy sauce or fresh cheese baked in a Teflon pan but served with the addition of a few pieces of tuna.

It can be braised in its own sauce with seasonal vegetables, etc.

The recipes are endless and they are all quite delicious.


Eggplant diet, as well as other mono diets, are not balanced in nutrients.

Therefore, you should not keep it for more than two weeks.

It is better to repeat this diet after a while (ideally is after 2 months) than to enter immediately into a new cycle.

And of course, you need a physical activity, which means at least 30 minutes of fast walking every day.

It`s worth to do this diet and lose unwanted pounds for two weeks.

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