Eggplant Is A Great Source Of Protein And Meat Replacement!


The eggplant is recognizable by its bright purple color, originated in India and also people use it for 3000 years.

Vegan cuisine also recognizes it as a great alternative to meat because it is a good source of protein.

In 100 grams this vegetable has only 24 calories, however, cooked has 35 calories.

Things to know about eggplant

It is also a rich source of fiber, especially cellulose, which is good for digestion.

At the same time, it is abundant in vitamin B1, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, and also folic acid.

What makes eggplant very famous is the antioxidant nasunin found in its bark, which protects the cells of the body from destruction, but is also a collector of free radicals, and thus affects the excretion of excess iron from the body.

It is this antioxidant that affects the prevention of cardiovascular disease and also the prevention of cancer.

With its bitter taste has the effect of relieving stomach cramps and also similar digestive problems.

This vegetable has a low-glycemic index, which is why it is also very good food for diabetics.

In addition, chlorogenic acid, which also has antioxidant activity, helps lower bad cholesterol levels.


The best ways to prepare this vegetable are grilled, steamed and also fried.

All you need to keep in mind is that if you steamed it, the calorie value will also increase significantly.

The first two options are also significantly healthier.

When selecting an eggplant, squeeze it to check that it is ripe.

Whenever the crust returns to its place, it means it is ripe, and also if the pressed area remains, then it is also not good for preparation.

Store it at about 10 ° C and also cut the bark just before using, as it quickly breaks down if “meat” is open.

You can also neutralize the bitter taste of eggplant by using sea salt before cooking.

Cut the eggplant to the desired size, then salt the pieces and also let them stand for 30 minutes so that the bitter taste will disappear.

You can also combine this vegetable with many foods, and is considered to be a complementary food that balances all other flavors.


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