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Eight Things To Do If You Sitting In Front Of The Computer!

Eight Things To Do If You Sitting In Front Of The Computer!

Most people are not even aware of the adverse consequences of sitting at a computer desk.

However, if you follow these tips you will be healthier and more productive.

Nowadays, desktop computer work at first glance does not look same as a physically laborious job.

Consequences of long sitting

Longer sitting time in the same position on the chair causes:

– Back pain

Neck pain

– Visual impairment

–  And, also, many other health problems

To keep everything healthier and also more productive, try the following tips to reduce the feeling of mental monotony and muscle pain.

Healthy tips

Set the computer screen to a good height

The correct position of the computer in relation to eye height is also a very important item for eye and back health.

If your eyesight is too far down, there may be back pain and neck pain.

In addition, if your eyesight is too far up, it will probably lead to eye drying.

Place the computer on a surface that is on the same level as your eyes.

In that way, you will reduce the risk of these disadvantages.

Drink plenty of water

It is probably not the first time that you hear about the many benefits of regular drinking water.

Among other benefits regular drinking water includes:

Weight loss

– Better skin quality

– Also, excess energy

In addition, to these advantages, a walk through the glass of water will make you move from the table.

Get out of the table every hour

To avoid muscle pain and also fatigue, set up an alarm that will respond to you every hour to stand up and walk around the workplace.

Avoid driving with elevator

If you do not like the idea with the alarm, and you also work on the lower floors, try to use the elevator as less as possible.

In addition, you can use the stairs as much as possible.

Every physical activity is important for those who work all day at the table.

That will help you to have proper circulation and also muscle building.

Stretch your muscles while you are at the table

Try (discretely) to stretch at least the arm muscles that are engaged in writing on the keyboard and also holding the mouse.

Increase the font

You can also make easier for yourself and freely enlarge the font size as you type.

If the font is too small, you start to look it harder.

That is also one of the biggest causes of eye fatigue and headache.

Blink with eyes!

Blinking acts as an unnecessary advice.

Also, we all blink unaffected whether we’re sitting at the table or not.

It is good to remind you to do a more regular blinking if you are sitting longer for the computer.

Namely, active viewing on the screen reduces the number of blinking on one-third of regular blinking.

Intermittent blinking is another reason for eye drying.

Take a break for your eyes

After finishing the job, try to resist temptation and also rest your eyes from technology.

Day-to-day vision is weakening vision and can lead to a syndrome known as Computer Vision Syndrome – CVS.

Computer Vision Syndrome a term that includes all eye problems that can cause continuous screening.


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