Elderflower Juice Is Full Of Vitamins, Medication For Eight Diseases! Grandma’s Recipe For Elderflower Juice!

Elderflower Juice

Elderflower JuiceSeason flowering of elderberry is in full swing, so hurry up and make a delicious, healing juice – Elderflower juice!

Our grandmothers are made this juice from the ancient times.

Grandma`s recipe for elderflower juice

It has amazing health benefits because it can treat many diseases and unhealthy conditions.

Our grandmothers made a great recipe for this right liquid treasure!

Recipe For Elderflower Juice

Ingredients you need for the recipe:

– 30 flowers of elderberry

– 3 liters of fresh water

– 40 grams of citric acid

– 3 fresh organic lemons

– 3 kg of sugar or another sweetener

Preparation for the recipe:

First, you need to check and clean flowers of elderberry from dirt, grass and insects.

Then plunge the flowers of elderberry in 3 liters of fresh water and live them to stay for the next 24 hours.

Take out the elderberry flowers and strain the liquid through gauze.

Cut all lemons into slices (do not peel them).

Put lemons, citric acid and sugar or another sweetener of your choice and leave to stand for another 24 hours, stirring occasionally.

After this, the Elderflower juice is ready!

Transfer the juice it into clean glass bottles and store in a cool, dark place, preferably in the refrigerator.

Elderflower juice you can use in case of the flu, colds, allergies, asthma, bronchitis and clogged sinuses.

In addition, this juice will improve your immunity and helps in constipation and diabetes.

Useful tips:

– Because it is a recipe that does not include a preservative, if you make a larger amount of juice, part of this juice you can discharge into plastic bottles and store in the freezer to avoid spoiling.

– When you collect flowers of elderberry, let it be in sunny weather, and select only “mature”, large flowers.

– It would be best to collect flowers of elderberry grown in nature, in a place where far away from the roads and where the plant is not contaminated.


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