Home Health Every 6 Seconds Someone Dies Of A Stroke! This Test Saves Lives!
Every 6 Seconds Someone Dies Of A Stroke! This Test Saves Lives!

Every 6 Seconds Someone Dies Of A Stroke! This Test Saves Lives!

It is commonly thought that the stroke is a disease of the older population.

However, the truth is that this condition can occur in men between 55 and 60 years.

At women, this condition normally can occur a decade later, probably as a result of female sex hormones that protect women to the period of menopause.

Victims of a stroke are also sometimes under the age of 45, mainly due to a stressful lifestyle.

Evidence shows that stroke is the third cause of death in the world behind heart disease and cancer.

In addition, this health issue is at the first place for the disability that causes people.

Every six seconds a stroke takes one human life and every year are dying three million women and 2.5 million men.

It occurs with 30 percent more often in men than women.

What is actually a stroke?

It occurs due to circulatory disorders in the brain and then the brain does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients.

Therefore, there is damage and death of nerve cells in the affected parts of the brain.

This is manifested in damage to the functions which these parts of the brain govern.

One cause of this serious disease is a blood clot that shut artery and prevents blood flow, and we call it an even ischemic stroke.

Another cause of stroke is cracking vessel with the penetration of the blood into the surrounding tissue (which is also known as hemorrhagic stroke).

About 85 percent of strokes are ischemic, or the result of clot formation (thrombosis) or tearing off a piece of the clot (embolism).

The other 15 percent of strokes are hemorrhagic.

Time at a stroke is not an ally, but experts recommend a faster reaction, especially if someone get a stroke at home.

Alarming signs

A stroke can be recognized by numbness and weakness or paralysis of the face, arm or leg, usually on one side of the body, loss of balance and coordination and sudden falls.

The symptoms largely depend on the areas of the brain that is affected.

When people can pronounce the words difficult and also incomprehensible or he cannot understand you, it is a stroke.

In addition, it can also occur blurred vision and halfway or complete loss of vision, particularly in one eye or half of the visual field.

It can also be accompanied by a severe headache or vomiting without apparent cause.


If you suspect that someone has a stroke, undergo the test in three phases.

If you notice any of these symptoms, call an ambulance immediately.

-1. Face

See whether the face is symmetrical or not.

If you feel that one side is “hanging”, “Ask the person to smile”.

If he cannot lift both corners of the lips, something is wrong.

-2. Hands

Ask the person to raise hands.

If one hand is weak and “hang”, this is definitely a cause for alarm.

-3. Speech

The person can have the strange or unintelligible speech, repeating a word or phrase.

Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence and pay attention to the pronunciation.

If the patient is in danger, and some of the household members know the implementation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, you need do it as soon as possible.

It applies specific therapy for ischemic stroke drugs that can dissolve the clot that is blocking a blood vessel.

Thus it is possible re-establish blood flow and prevents the extinction of nerve cells.

This therapy you can apply within the first three to four and a half hours of an ischemic stroke and usually saves lives.

You need to know also that the mortality in the first month is about 15 percent.

A third of patients who survive a stroke are completely dependent on their environment.

About 20 percent need help with mobility, and about 15 percent are located in specialized institutions.

The most common effects of stroke are physical and inability to work with young people or motor deficit.

In addition, it can also be depression, dementia, behavioral changes, and cognitive disorders.

Use natural ingredients to prevent this unpleasant health condition.


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