Home Drinks Every Day Drink Parsley Tea! Parsley Treats 10 Illnesses, And You Lose Weight! (RECIPE)
Every Day Drink Parsley Tea! Parsley Treats 10 Illnesses, And You Lose Weight! (RECIPE)

Every Day Drink Parsley Tea! Parsley Treats 10 Illnesses, And You Lose Weight! (RECIPE)

Parsley is a Mediterranean herbaceous plant, which, because of its bright green leaves, often plays a major role in food decoration.

However, it is not just an ornament, but a real medicinal plant worth of attention.

In the first place, people know this Mediterranean herb as a plant that stimulates the removing of body fluid.

Therefore, it is very useful for kidney health and also all urinary tracts.

In addition, the root of this herb acts as a diuretic.

Therefore, folk medicine uses it to treat various forms of the aquatic disease (excessive fluid accumulation in the body).

In traditional medicine, nutritionists recommend parsley tea for arthritis, gout, kidney problems, and also for the purification of the gut.

Also, this tea is recommended for treating gastritis.

Moreover, it can effectively remove bacteria from the urinary tract.

That is why it is helpful in the case of urinary tract infections.

At the same time, folk medicine recommends this tea after prostate surgery for faster recovery.

You can also combine in the composition of teas for treating jaundice and other complications caused by liver problems.

In addition, to stimulating fluid excretion, it also removes salt in the body.

In that way, it stimulates the lowering of blood pressure.

For similar reasons, it can also help fight obesity.

Then, it increases the elasticity of the blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of common cardiovascular disease.

Parsley tea

This tea is prepared by pouring a cut parsley root (about 15 grams) into 2 dl of boiling water.

Let it boil for about 5 minutes.

Strain it after 15 minutes and in order to be able to produce all of its medicinal powers.

It is necessary to drink 2-3 cups of this tea during the day.

Parsley leaves are an excellent source of vitamin C so it is good to eat them in a fresh form.

They fit perfectly with soups, meals, cooked potatoes, and also many meat dishes.

This herb stimulates digestion, stimulates secretion of toxic matter, refresh the breath, effectively hiding even the scent of the scent of garlic.

Finally, there is one interesting thing.

Some historians also claim that the ancient Romans use parsley and gave to their gladiators before every fight.

They believed that this plant would give strength, accelerate reflexes, and also sharpen mental abilities.

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