Every House Should Have Rosemary Oil! (RECIPE)

Rosemary Oil

We add Rosemary to various dishes, but when we make rosemary oil from it, we will also create a completely new way to use this valuable spice.

Rosemary is a spice of a refreshing scent that also delivers a rich flavor.

In addition, it makes each meal better and healthier.

This essential oil also every culinary chef appreciates due to his aromatics in culinary.

At the same time, it also has excellent action on skin health.

Apart from the richer taste in dishes like salads, rosemary oil helps to remove cellulite and also stimulate skin circulation.

We add rosemary to various dishes, but when we make essential oil, we will create a completely new way to use this valuable spice.

You can buy this essential oil, but it may be quite expensive.

Therefore, we bring you a simple recipe for the preparation of this essential oil.

Homemade rosemary oil is also very cheap to make, as we need only fresh rosemary and oil of choice.

Rosemary Oil – How to Make?

Only two ingredients are required for the preparation of this essential oil.

It is advisable to use fresh home-made rosemary or to buy it on a local market.

Also, you can get it in the Mediterranean area during the warmer months.

To prepare this essential oil you need:

– Fresh rosemary (quantity sufficient for full jar)

– Cold pressed oil of your choice (olive oil or some other oil)

– Also, clean glass jar

Before you begin to make rosemary oil, you need to thoroughly wash it.

In addition, you need to dry it in the sun throughout the day.

This process will also ensure that there is no water in the oil and thus does not create a mold.

Then remove the rosemary leaves from the stalk and also use only small leaves.

Fill the clean and dry jar with rosemary, however, do not load jar to the top.

Put oil in the jar and also leave a finger at the top of the jar.

Close tied with a lid, shake the oil well and also cover with a piece of paper.

Leave the jar and cover it in a sunny window and let it stay for 40 days.

Every few days, shake the oil, and when it is ready also strain through the gauze.

In addition, keep the oil tightly closed (in the fridge) in dark glass bottles for up to 6 months.

Rosemary oil in culinary art

This essential oil you can use in countless ways, like any other common oil when it comes to cooking.

In addition, you can add it to various recipes in order to feed the taste.

For example, you can add it in baked meals or a pizza.

If we make it in olive oil, it will be an ideal addition to every supplement with cheese and also bruschetta.

Also, you can give a slightly different taste to your favorite salads and similar meals.

At the same time, you will get the many nutrients that olive oil provides.

Rosemary oil for hair

This oil can be great for serving dry and also damaged hair.

From it, you can make hair masks or massage the root of hair in order to stimulate hair growth.

In that way, you will preserve the health of the hair.

It is desirable to use this oil if you have dandruff and dry hair.

In that way, you will feed and prevent dehydration caused by hair shampoos.

This oil is a great help for dry hair, so you can apply it for 2 hours or the whole night before washing hair.

In addition, that will help the deepest dry parts of your hair.

To stimulate hair growth, you need to massage hair with the slightly warm oil.

You need massage hair for at least 5 minutes and then leave it to last 30 minutes before washing the hair.

Rosemary oil to improve circulation and also against cellulite

This oil can also be used for skin.

However, in this case it is recommended to make oil in cold-pressed oil from apricot kernel or almond kernel.

Then you can use oil to massage the tired body parts and also when it is necessary to act on poor circulation.

Because of its special function, rosemary oil improves the blood circulation and it is great for problems of poor circulation.

At the same time, it has a positive effect on the removal of cellulite.

It is advisable to massage the affected area several times a week.

In that way, you will stimulate the degradation of cellulite and fat deposits.

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