Home Beauty Face Skin Exercise! Tightening Without Injection And Operation!
Face Skin Exercise! Tightening Without Injection And Operation!

Face Skin Exercise! Tightening Without Injection And Operation!


Face Skin Exercise

A lot of women get an injection or make operation on their face to have a beautiful face skin.

Face skin exercise is easy and simple home practice before you decide to pay for your beauty.

You can do this face skin exercise every day instead to pay a lot of money for face skin treatments.

Don`t be lazy – Do face skin exercise

Each one face skin exercise will improve one part of your face.

-1. Smooth Face Skin – picture No. 1

Face Skin Exercise 1Wrinkles on the forehead make your face bleak and difficult.

However, you can very easily solve this problem without scalpels or daily massages.

Separate your forehead into two equal parts and start massaging from the center of the forehead, a little lower than the root of the hair.

With forefinger and middle finger make circles in clockwise and repeat this face skin exercise for one minute.

-2. Massage For Smooth Forehead – picture No. 2

Face Skin Exercise 2Put your baby fingers at the beginning of your eyebrows, then middle fingers in the center of the forehead and put ring fingers over them to press more.

All the pads of fingers (finger shaft) are pointing to your face.

Make a circular motion with the fingers and pay attention to the right hand (should move in a clockwise direction) and left hand (the opposite way around).

The massage should last one minute.

-3. Strengthening A Skin Around Eyes – picture No. 3

Face Skin Exercise 3First, you need to moisturize your face skin with a cream.

Tap little bit your skin with the pads of your fingers.

Put your index fingers to the temples and pull the skin on the temples.

Then open your eyes as wide as you can and close them.

Repeat this face skin exercise 10 times.

Turn your eyes in one and in the other direction (10 movements in each direction).

Repeat the same exercise with eyes closed.

-4. Bandage Is Helping To Save The Shape Of Your Face – picture No. 4

Face Skin Exercise 4If you want to keep the shape of your face without surgery, wrap your face with an elastic bandage.

The bandage should not be too loose.

You need to tighten your face well.

You can repeat this wrapping every day.

It is best to do it before going to bed.

-5. Face Lifting With Inflatable Cheeks – picture No. 5

Face Skin Exercise 5Do you want to have a smooth skin without wrinkles and revitalize the face?

Do not worry.

There is no need to go to the plastic surgeon.

Just take a deep breath, take as much as possible air and inflate the cheeks.

Press your cheeks with the palms of your hands to create a little resistance.

Hold this tension for 15 seconds and then relax.

Repeat this face skin exercise 4 times.

You can play with the air in the mouth by moving it from one side to another.

Repeat this 10 times.

-6. Exercise “ABCD” – picture No. 6

Face Skin Exercise 6Everybody doesn`t know that correcting the face shape can be done at home.

It is not very difficult.

You just need to repeat the alphabet.

Probably you remember when the school teacher asked you to learn with a pause.

You can do the exercises for the face in the same way.

Loudly say the vowels (A, E, I, O and U).

Repeat each letter 10-15 times.

-7. Exercise “X” – picture No. 7

Face Skin Exercise 7If you have and you fight to lose double chin, this will help.

Drop lower lip showing your teeth and remove chin forward.

Then from that position several times say the letter “X”.

You can open your mouth wide and one minute moves the mandible (lower jaw) to the right and left.

This face skin exercise also has an excellent effect of rejuvenation for your face.

-8. Exercise For Neck Straining – picture No. 8

Face Skin Exercise 8Beautiful and tight face skin looks much better than sagging skin.

Use the following exercises to take care of your neck.

Put your head back as much as possible and try out from these positions to cover the lower lip with your upper lip.

Hold this pose for 15 seconds and then relax.

Repeat this exercise 5 to 7 times daily to achieve the desired effect.

-9. Exercise For Thin Neck– picture No. 9

Face Skin Exercise 9

For sure, you have seen ladies that have a nice and elegant neck.

If you want to have an elegant neck make a circular motion moving the head up and down, left and right.

The circular motion should be clockwise and opposite.

Try to keep your body straight as much as possible.

-10. Straining Your Face And Neck – picture No. 10

Face Skin Exercise 10This exercise will save you time and money that you would probably spend on cosmetic procedures!

Open your mouth wide and put out your tongue.

Try to touch your lower part of the jaw with the tongue.

Repeat this face skin exercise 20 times.

You should feel a strong tension in the muscles of the face, chin and neck.

After this exercise, your skin will be tightened, wrinkles will disappear naturally.

All of these face skin exercises you can practice daily as a part of your healthy habits and save money for something else that you need for you.



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