The Most Famous Herbalist Reveals How To Treat Psoriasis Naturally! (RECIPES)


Psoriasis is a mysterious skin disease that can affect a specific part of the body, but also to expand.

Mostly intervention areas prone to impacts – elbows, knees, scalp, and bottom back.

In the most serious cases, this disease can be all over the body.

When psoriasis engages the bone and joints it is called psoriatic arthritis.

The symptoms of psoriasis are:

– Dry, red, thickened, and also rough skin

– Peeling of the skin

– Cracked skin with tiny hemorrhages

– Psoriatic rash or white patches on the body

No one knows the exact cause or cure for psoriasis.

However, people know that can cause worsening of the disease during the increased stress, frustration, excitement, sadness, and other emotional changes.

One of the most famous herbalists of the 20th century, Maurice Mességué recommends a healthy diet without fat. He believes through his experience, fatty foods worsened psoriasis.

Particularly he advises herbal diet with a post for one week, and also wash areas with the disease with soap of pine.

Based on his extensive experience he has given the following recipes for treatment in psoriasis:

Natural treatments for psoriasis

– 1. Use essential oil of pine on the areas

Pine has an extensive history of use for skin diseases around the world, from Ayurveda to Indian medicine.

Accelerates metabolism, increases the activity and ability to respond and penetrates deeply into tissues.

It has a strong anti-inflammatory and stimulates circulation.

There are countless medicinal properties for skin and hair and people also use them for:

Skin cancer

– Eczema

– Skin eruptions

– Parasitic and fungal infections

– Chronic rhinitis

– Other skin diseases

It can even also help with alopecia (hair loss), dandruff, and other scalp problems.

– 2. Use the lining of the starch or bran

Place the coating of starch and bran from wheat grown biologically.

Make a paste with water and place it on the skin.

Hold until it dries, make a covering 2 times a day.

Wheat is rich in vitamins and minerals that deeply nourish, regenerate, and also protect the skin.

From vitamins that wheat has, it is important to mention:

A vitamin – growing vitamin

– B1 vitamin – essential to maintain health and to improve blood flow

– B2 vitamin – for metabolism

– B3 and B6 vitamins – for proper function of your nerves

C vitamin – for skin beauty

D vitamin – you can get if you are sunbathing

E vitamin – one of the most powerful antioxidants

– 3. Use leaves of walnut oral and topical

In the outer application, herbalist recommends lining of the leaves of walnut.

You need to cook the walnut leaves for 20 minutes.

For indoor use and cleaning, herbalist recommends drinking tea from leaves of walnut (1 pinch per cup of hot water).

Walnut leaves are an excellent remedy for most skin conditions locally and orally.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and combats fungal infection and bacterial infections.

It is also beneficial for the treatment of inflamed skin, digestive tract diseases, and acne.

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