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The Fans Of These Snacks Need To Know Calories!

The Fans Of These Snacks Need To Know Calories!

Even if you are not too big a fan of these types of snacks, this information might make you interesting.

If your favorite snacks are different nuts, then you probably wondered how much they actually have calories, right?

Okay, maybe these snacks are not interesting for you and also maybe you’re not interested how much calories they have.

However, if you consume them regularly, then these data will come right.

We have come to this interesting chart with a list of ten different kinds of nuts.

There you can also find data on how many of each of them (when we collect them in a portion of a few pieces) has calories.

Of course, calories can vary more or less depending on where you buy nuts.

In addition, it depends on how they are treated, but in principle, this is a lot of concrete and accurate information.

Well, here’s how some of your favorite nuts exactly “harder” when calories are concerned.

And do not be scared, because, although you some of this information may sound like a lot of calories, they are still much healthier calories than you get by eating potato chips, French fries, or candy.

The list of calories for snacks

Almonds without salt (14 pieces) = 97 calories

Dry roasted, salted almonds (14 pieces) = 98 calories

Dried Brazilian nuts (3 pieces) = 93 calories

Indian nuts (10 pieces) = 98 calories

Salted Indian nuts fried in oil (9 pieces) = 96 calories

Hazelnuts (10 pieces) = 102 calories

Macadamia (5 pieces) = 102 calories

Dry roasted, salted macadamia nuts (5 pieces) = 102 calories

Peanuts (17 pieces) = 99 calories

Salted peanuts fried in oil (16 pieces) = 96 calories

Pecan nut (10 pieces) = 98 calories

Stone pine (77 pieces) = 100 calories

Dry roasted, unsalted pistachios (29 pieces) = 99 calories

Salted pistachios fried in oil (29 pieces) = 99 calories

Walnuts (13 pieces) = 104 calories

Do not forget that all of these snacks are also good for your health.

They also fight against dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes, depression, etc.

In addition, they can help you if you want to lose weight.

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