Home Health How To Fight Sarcopenia (Muscle Loss Due To Aging)!
How To Fight Sarcopenia (Muscle Loss Due To Aging)!

How To Fight Sarcopenia (Muscle Loss Due To Aging)!

Sarcopenia, usually people know this condition as muscle loss, is affecting almost 10 % of adults (people older than 50).

This condition diminishes quality and type of human life and also decreases human life expectancy.

However, all of us, we can do something and take some measures that will prevent and reverse this condition.

Almost all of the causes of Sarcopenia come with our age and also many of these causes are preventable.

Moreover, healthy and well-balanced life and diet with regular exercise increase both life expectancy and qualities of human life.

What is Sarcopenia?

Muscle loss literally means degenerative forfeiture of body skeletal muscle mass “the luck of flesh”.

Normally, the older people lose about 3 % of their muscle strength every year.

This condition that is coming with our age results because of an imbalance between signals for human muscle cell growth and signals for tear down.

The first one is called “anabolism” and the second one is called “catabolism”.

Adults become more resistant to their growth signals and, at the same time, the processes of catabolism outweigh it.

Consequently, the process of muscle loss occurs.

Factors that accelerate Sarcopenia

-1. Sedentary lifestyle, immobility

The first and the biggest trigger of muscle loss is disuse of body muscles.

That is increasing weakness and also accelerating the muscle loss.

In addition, 2 to 3 weeks of decreased physical activity or walking will likely reduce muscle mass and strength.

-2. Unbalanced diet

The diet that is low in important proteins and also a low-calorie diet will reduce muscle loss and weight loss.

It is also advisable to eat minimum 25 to 30 grams of important proteins at each meal.

-3. Inflammation

After an injury or an illness, inflammation tells to our body first to tear down and after to build up our damaged cells.

-4. Severe stress

Usually, people that suffer from some chronic liver illness will likely have muscle loss.

At the case of some kidney illness, stress and also decreased activity level on our body lead always to muscle loss.

Exercise can reverse muscle loss

For sure, the best natural way to fight against Sarcopenia is to keep your muscles active and also have physical activity.

Of course, all exercises are advisable.

However, some physical activities are more beneficial than others.

Here are some of the exercises:

– Resistance training

– Fitness training


Also, use these nutrients to slow down and fight Sarcopenia:

– Eat proteins

Vitamin D

Omega 3 fats

– Creatine

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