Home Health The First Two Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer! Women Ignore Them, Doctors Often Make Mistakes!
The First Two Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer! Women Ignore Them, Doctors Often Make Mistakes!

The First Two Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer! Women Ignore Them, Doctors Often Make Mistakes!

The Ovarian cancer has been for decade’s silent killer number 1 when it comes to women.

This name “Silent Killer Number 1” is not surprising, since its symptoms are those that point to innocent and also very common conditions.

The only difference is that when the ovarian cancer is concerned, these symptoms do not pass.

And besides, women are prone to ignoring the same, unaware that going to a doctor for these “little things” can also save them life.

These two conditions are among the earliest symptoms of this severe illness.

In addition, they can easily be attributed to another illness and many different causes.

Take care of yourself, and also if you suspect that symptoms do not disappear after treatment or removal of the cause after a maximum of two weeks, you must visit the doctor and raise suspicion of ovarian cancer!

Do not ignore these ovarian cancer symptoms


You are probably already aware of how it feels to be overflowing during PMS.

That is also when you overwhelm or eat unhealthy food.

But, at the same time, you have to know that flatulence is one of the earliest symptoms of ovarian cancer.

The level of flatulence can be different.

It may be small and almost unattractive and also opposite – some women cannot even wear trousers.

One thing is for sure – the flatulence is a vicious and also everyday companion of this serious illness.

In this case, doctors cannot help you.

If flatulence does not undergo more than two weeks you must visit a doctor.

Beware: You can easily get the wrong diagnosis because it is usually associated with food, gas, constipation, and also other gastrointestinal problems.

Frequent urination

If you have the feeling that you have frequent urination more often than usual, and if you do not increase your fluid intake, your may need to visit your doctor.

This is also one of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Therefore, it is imperative to examine the urinary tract and genitals.

There is also a strong need for urination, and actually, the urinary bladder is empty.

Beware: For such a symptom, urinary tract infections are the most frequent cause.

This is the most common symptom of this infection.

Therefore, do a natural way to treat urinary infections and if your symptoms continue to occur, visit a gynecologist.

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