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Fish Oil

Fish Oil
It is no secret that Fish oil can improve the health status of our body.

So let’s look at what are its specific health benefits and healing properties.

The most important ingredient that fish oil has for healing are omega-3 fatty acids.

These, omega-3 fatty acids have a favorable impact on the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system, brain, give support immune system, acting as an antioxidant, stimulate skin metabolism and more.

Fish oil can be used before we are born

Firstly, fish oil has great benefits for us even before we are born.

It is recommended in the food of pregnant women to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Numerous scientific studies show that it is particularly important for brain development in babies.

Thus, there is evidence that children, whose mothers took fish oil during pregnancy as a dietary supplement, have a higher level of intelligence and the common occurrence of mental deficiencies.

When we are born fish oil gives us the energy that stimulates the rapid transmission of impulses from one cell to another.

This gives to us the speed of thought, easy storage of data in memory and re-downloads data depending on the need.

How to excessive alcohol consumption reduces the level of omega-3 fatty acids in the body (especially the brain), which eventually leads to various nervous diseases, so fish oil reduces the possibility of such damages.

Fish oil as a natural remedy for heart and other cardiovascular diseases all the more in use.

Regular consumption of fish oil significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and up to 45%, alleviates cardiac arrhythmia, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, prevents the formation of thrombi and in any case a positive effect on the quality of life of people who have suffered a heart attack.

One study conducted in Australia showed that fish oil normalizes serotonin levels, which we owe to the “good mood”.

Therefore, regular intake of fish oil is recommended as a cure for depression, unpleasant symptoms of menopause and related phenomena that we spoil the mood.

Then, a fish oil positive effect on eyesight, prevent dryness of the eye, relieves symptoms of bronchitis, bronchial asthma, arthritis and various skin diseases.

According to the latest research, in fish oil can even find salvation from premature aging of the organism and cancer development.

In the end, we say that fish oil can be purchased in pharmacies in the form of granules but is perhaps better still if you consume consumption of fresh oily fish such as mackerel, tuna and herring.

NOTE: The American doctors from the University of Michigan recommend caution for people who suffer from chronic intestines disease because they found that in such cases, excessive intake of fish oil, respectively Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is therein, and can cause some side effects such as the development of colitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the colon) and colon cancer.

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