Home Health Five Tips To Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System That you Won`t Hear From The Doctor!
Five Tips To Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System That you Won`t Hear From The Doctor!

Five Tips To Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System That you Won`t Hear From The Doctor!

Child's Immune System

In the autumn season, all human beings are prone to colds and viruses that are circulating, including babies.

While the adult organism successfully fights the disease, the child’s body for sure needs our help.

Child`s immune system needs our help to be stronger

We bring you some unusual tips for improving child`s immune system so the organism can successfully fight the diseases.

Here are five tips to strengthen your child`s immune system

-1. Sleeping On Fur

No matter how ridiculous it may sound, studies have shown that when babies and children are sleeping on blankets made of sheep fur (in the first three months of life) reduces the chances of asthma by 80 percent.

Also, children that have grown up with pets rarely have problems with asthma or allergies because microbes from animal fur strengthen a child’s immune system.

-2. Taking Probiotics

Probiotics supply the body with good bacteria that is recommended to bring the body to lift immunity.

High levels of good bacteria destroy the bad ones and also regulate the digestive system.

Probiotics are found naturally in some foods while in some foods are placed later.

-3. Adequate Intake Of Essential Fatty Acids

A lot of people don`t get enough entries of essential fatty acids in the body which are very important for strengthening the body.

They consist of omega-3 and omega-6 acids.

Omega 3 acids are the most represented in fish oil while omega-6 has the most soybeans, walnuts, almonds, seaweed and sunflower seeds and flax.

-4. Make Sure That Your Body Has Vitamin D

Lack of sun and bad weather are affecting our mood, but can also cause not enough vitamin D, which is produced by exposure of the skin to sunlight.

In addition, to the absorption of calcium vitamin D is very important for strengthening the immune system.

Take a walk in nature during sunny days to help both you and your baby’s body supplied with vitamin D.

If a child is on the adapted formula then the child does not need an additional intake of vitamin D because it has already been added to the formula.

If you are breastfeeding, consult your doctor whether it is necessary and how to give the child vitamin D.

-5. Elderberry

Boosting immunity with proper diet and sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables will definitely help and input elderberry that are twice as powerful antioxidants of blueberries.

As the elderberries are not very tasty, you can offer to your child the elderberry syrup for children.



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