Floor Sleeping Has 9 Unbelievable Blessings! Renews Brain And Spine, Eliminates Stress And Headache!

Floor Sleeping

There is a special reason why most Asians prefer floor sleeping using thin mattresses rather than a much more comfortable bed.

It’s not a question obsession with the way of life that practices simplicity, but really there are incredible health benefits that the rest of the world almost does not know!

Namely, the Asians believe that there are more benefits of lying down and also floor sleeping.

In addition, they believe, when you are closer to the earth, the body supplies more energy.

This is not only the superstition but is largely supported by scientific research and also evidence.

When we’re used to sleeping in a comfortable, warm, soft bed, sleeping on a thin floor will certainly give back pain.

However, after only a few nights practice the floor sleeping or lying over the day, you feel the unbelievable difference!

Floor sleeping benefits

For healthy spine and vertebrae

Maybe you are sleeping in a bed with particularly soft mattress.

Of course, you do not realize that the spine and the vertebrae bend and form the wrong line.

That can be also bad for our long-term health.

That’s why this floor sleeping is a good thing for our spine.

Moreover, the spine is the center of our nervous system.

Therefore, its health will affect the system and most of its central body, which is the brain.

Keep your shoulders firm and tight

In too soft a mattress, the shoulders bend over and also over-relax.

When we lie on the floor, our body will be forced to adjust to the floor that is firm and also unmercifully straight.

The anatomy of the shoulder itself will then simply follow such circumstances.

That`s mean a firm and tight fit of the shoulders while walking and standing.

Great for the neck

Almost every run of our body in any situation inevitably follows the bending in the neck area.

This position of constant effort in this region is very heavy on our neck.

Floor sleeping will oblige our neck to be positioned parallel to the ceiling.

That’s why this is really a great neck exercise, similar to that when we try to sleep without any pillow.

Maintains the position of the body

From the aforementioned benefits, you can see that lying on the floor reflects the proper posture of the body.

Proper bodily position means all that we have so far highlighted.

At the same time, this is a healthy spine and vertebrae with a straight neck and firm shoulders.

Floor sleeping can make it possible to keep our body perfect at all times.

Facilitates headaches

There are many factors that cause headaches.

Some of those headache symptoms can be a really bad sign.

When a headache only occurs occasionally when we are under stress or feeling lack of sleep, then it is normal.

The less frequent use of medicine for a headache is highly recommended.

Therefore, you need to practice floor sleeping instead of using analgesics.

In that way, you will make the headaches easier or completely eliminate them.

This is also the most natural way to deal with light migraine pains.

Instant solution for stomach bloating

Although additional studies on linkage are needed, there is some evidence that lying on the floor may be the very fast solution for the stomach bloating.

Of course, it is necessary to detect the main causes of this phenomenon.

However, lying on the flat floor can help alleviate the symptoms of stomach bloating.

Balances blood flow

One of the leading factors that can cause headaches is when the head does not get enough oxygen.

Therefore, blood cannot optimally flow.

The main function of blood is not only to bring food, but also oxygen.

When we lie on the floor it can help us balance the flow of blood in our courts and then blood is distributed equally in the body.

It calms the mind

There must be a good reason why most mental therapists ask their patients to lie on the couch during consultations.

This is because lying can help stabilize and also calms the mind.

Whenever we feel we are under stress, why not just lie on the floor and take it easy.

We will be surprised how effective this very simple move is on our mind.

It also relaxes the body

Not only because of the mind but lying on the floor can also be useful for our body.

After a very long and exhausting day at work, the first thing we are thinking about is showering and also sleeping.

With this, we can add another ritual that will also help us to relax our body.

This ritual is sleeping on the floor.

That is why, after showering, we can make bedding on the floor and sleep as babies!

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