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Food That Destroys Your Brain Health!

Food That Destroys Your Brain Health!

Some types of foods significantly harm the brain health.

Therefore, people who regularly eat those type of unhealthy foods are at risk of memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease.

Experts from all areas of brain medicine emphasize that certain types of foods significantly harm brain health.

Brain health

However, there are also certain types of healthy foods that you can eat regularly and prevent the risk of memory loss or Alzheimer`s disease.

There are also healthy foods that are particularly useful for the brain health:

– Carrots

– Almonds


– Berry fruits

Acai fruits

– Fish

Experts point out that brain health is in a danger if you consume artificial sweetener.

This ingredient you can find in various candies and also sweet drinks.

They create a huge risk for type 2 diabetes that also increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

The same risk of crustaceans is also due to processed whole-fat foods.

Those are foods which include:

Fast food


– Crackers

– Greasy biscuits

– Pizza

– Popcorn from microwave

– Maragarine

– Cheese imitations

Studies also show that some juices full of sugar negatively affect cognitive brain functions.

At the same time, some researchers in the studies find the link between food containing gluten and schizophrenia and autism.

In addition, the scientists warn of fish full of poisonous mercury.

Therefore, you need carefully choose what type and from where do you buy fish.

Those types of unhealthy fish are especially dangerous for pregnant women.



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