Food That Will Quench Your Thirst With Health Benefits!

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Cucumber, tomato, watermelon, melon and green pepper are your summer allies in the fight against dehydration and protect you with their health benefits.

You’ve all heard the rule that says you should drink eight glasses of water per day.

That is required an amount of necessary liquid for your organism.

This amount seems too much for you?

Health benefits and food that will quench your thirst

Fortunately, if you cannot, you do not have to drink that entire amount because about 20% of daily water intake comes from food, such as fruits and vegetables.

During hot summer days, it is certainly important that you enter as much liquid in the body to provide your body with enough water.

But, other than water, you can quench your thirst with foods that are rich in this liquid.

Health Benefits CucumberCucumber

Cucumber contains 96.7% of water. It is the perfect ingredient in salads, and if you want to increase the hydrating power, mix it in a blender with nonfat yogurt, mint and ice to get the soup of cucumber.

It perfectly hydrates the body, and you can also eat and cold cucumber.

Health benefits of cucumber:

– Rich in vitamin B

– Eliminate toxins

– Hydrate the body

– Good for hair and skin

– Prevention and cure of cancer (breast, prostate, ovarian and uterus)

– Good for diabetics

– Helps with digestion and weight loss

– Freshens the breath

– Lose cellulite

– Protect your brain

– Manage stress

Health Benefits TomatoTomato

Tomato has 94.5% of water.

Whether it is fresh or squeezed, this vegetable should be an essential ingredient of salads, sandwiches and sauces during summer.

Health benefits of tomato:

– Rich in vitamin C

– Strong anti-cancer properties

– Burns fat

– reduces the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol

– Improves eyes vision

– Doesn`t lose nutritional value (sieving, drying and cooking)

Health Benefits MelonMelon

The juicy melon contains 90.2% of water and will provide the body with a handful of nutritious things and very few calories.

Among other things, contains vitamins A and vitamin C, and you can eat it alone or make a dessert by the blender mixed with other ingredients.

Health benefits of melon:

– Cancer prevention

– Boosts immune system

– Healthy skin

Eye health

– Anxiety and stress

– Diabetes

– Arthritis

– Digestion

Health Benefits WatermelonWatermelon

This everyone’s favorite summer treat, except it, contains 91.5% of water is also a rich source of lycopene – an antioxidant that is found in red fruits and vegetables, and helps in the fight against cancer.

Health benefits of watermelon:

– Hydration

Reduces body fat – weight loss

– Lowers blood pressure

– Lowers cancer risk

– Improves immune system

– Diabetes

– Cleanse kidneys

– Cardiovascular health

– Anti-inflammatory support

– Antioxidant

– Strengthens bones and joints

– Eye health

– Support your nerves and muscles

Health Benefits Green PepperGreen Pepper

Peppers of all colors are full of water, but still green lead (94%).

In addition, are full of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Health benefits of pepper:

– Reduces cancer risk

– Nourishes your nervous system

– Improve immunity

– Beta-carotene protection against cancers (breast, ovarian)

– Stimulate digestion

– Positive effects on intestines and kidneys


– Eye health


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