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Foods That You Can Eat Late At Night! Do Not Get Fat – Improve Sleep!

Foods That You Can Eat Late At Night! Do Not Get Fat – Improve Sleep!

You can improve sleep without gaining weight with some ingredients if you are hungry.

You’re tempted to make a sandwich or take some snacks because you are hungry.

Are you going hungry and nervous to sleep?

Your healthy lifestyle and taking care of your weight is preventing you to eating freely at night

All this you can change and eat at night!

There are foods that will fill you up.

In addition, it will not threaten your healthy lifestyle and will improve sleep.

If you must have a little snack before your bed time let it be one of these five foods.

Foods that improve sleep without gaining weight

-1. Oatmeal

It has been shown that carbohydrates release serotonin, which calms the brain.

A serving of oatmeal with milk is the best choice before bedtime.

-2. The juice from the cherries

The survey from 2011 found that is good to drink two glasses of the juice of cherries a day (morning and evening).

This juice will increase the levels of melatonin, which will improve sleep and you will have quality sleeping.

-3. Warm milk

A glass of milk is an old recipe for better sleep.

In addition, milk contains the amino acid tryptophan, which is associated with sleep.

However, the operation of the beverage still has more psychological effects.

From an early age, we are taught that glass of warm milk is synonymous with sleeping.

In addition, everyone taught us that our mother gave milk exactly for that purpose.

-4. Nuts

Nuts have a lot of magnesium, which has a calming effect on the brain and will improve sleep.

At the same time, nuts will improve the quality of sleeping.

Almonds, walnuts, and peanuts are just some of the fruits that you must always have in the house.

-5. Low-fat cheese

Low-fat cheese contains calcium that has a very similar operation as magnesium when it comes to sleep.

Experts recommend about 50 grams of low-fat cheese per day, which you can eat with crackers.

With those foods mentioned above, you will have better sleeping and improve sleep.


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