Foods That Have Fewer Calories!


To remove a few pounds that will no longer come back, you can use some foods that consume calories.

In addition, you do not need always turn to strict diets.

All you have to do is replace some foods with others.

They will reduce the number of calories you enter into the body and are very delicious!

Foods that consume calories

– 1. Dry plums instead of butter

It may sound unusual, but dry plums are also a great ally for a healthy dessert.

If you have foods like butter or oil in your recipe, replace them with cleaned plums (cut them in small pieces).

In addition, plums instead of butter are easier food that you put inside your body.

– 2. Have a fat-free cheese instead of cream cheese

Although cream cheese looks like a “light” variant that will enrich your sandwich or cake, it is also actually much fattier than freshly fat-free cheese.

Fat-free cheese is also a substitute that is equally delicious.

– 3. Apples and yogurt instead of butter and oils

If in your recipe is writing vegetable oil, butter or margarine, you get also replace them with a mixture of apple and yogurt.

Half a cup of butter contains 900 calories and also 92 grams of fat.

At the same time, apple porridge has about 50 calories and no fat.

In addition, reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe because the apple is sweet enough.

In this way, you will use foods that consume calories.

– 4. Minced turkey instead of minced beef

You can make this substitution in your food that includes minced meat.

In addition, the minced turkey breasts are easier for digestion than beef and they are equally delicious.

Faster digestive foods do not cause bloating.

In that way, you will also avid bloating and also a pain in the stomach.

– 5. Light yogurt and fat-free cheese instead of sour cream

If in your recipe you write the sour cream, you can also replace with a mixture of yogurt and fat-free cheese.

In this way, you can eat your cake with ingredients that help you to lose weight.

At the same time, the taste will remain unchanged.

– 6. Chocolate pieces instead of chocolate syrup

Instead of pouring the cake with chocolate syrup you can put everywhere pieces of dark chocolate.

In that way, each piece of cake remains tasty and “chocolate”.

At the same time, you will spend fewer chocolates, and therefore, the cake will have fewer calories.

In addition, you can use dark chocolate in a lot of recipes and enjoy losing weight.

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