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Foods That Take Body Energy! Cause No. 1 For Chronic Fatigue!

Foods That Take Body Energy! Cause No. 1 For Chronic Fatigue!

There are days when we sleep a lot and also we simply do not have enough body energy because we consume the foods that cause fatigue.

However, most often we do not have a clue that this feeling can be the result of our diets!

The following foods can lead to a lack of body energy


Carbohydrates generally raise energy.

However, refined carbon hydrates can increase blood sugar levels and lead to decreased insulin levels.

Therefore, sometimes we feel fatigue and weakness after we have eaten a large amount of pasta.

Orange juice

Whether you believe or not the orange juice is also on the list.

Most of the orange juices that we buy in the stores contain corn syrup.

In addition, they are full of fructose, added sugar, artificial tastes, and colors.

So prefer to take care of it and just consume natural orange juice.


Pure yogurt and Greek yogurt are fantastic and also good for your health.

However, most of the other yogurts are not.

They contain cornstarch, artificial sweeteners, artificial fruits, and also other chemicals that your body really does not need.


Most flakes were overcooked with high fructose corn syrup, sugar, modified corn, other chemicals, and also refined carbon hydrates.

Although you may experience that your body energy rush at first, from all of that sugar, will shortly afterward come to an end to your energy.

Turkey meat

Turkey meat contains a natural sedative called tryptophan.

This compound is amino acid used by the body in the process of creating vitamin B3, serotonin, and regulates sleep cycles.

Also, in order to digest a skin of turkey meat, you need a lot of energy.

Therefore, our body directs blood into the digestive system, which can ultimately leave you without body energy.

White bread and rolls

Refined starch also increases blood sugar.

Therefore, eating white bread will also definitely waste your body energy.

You can change the bread with the bread from whole grain cereal grains.

This type of bread is also rich in fiber and will help you to lose weight.

Fried food

Fried chicken, fries, chips – all this sounds very tasty.

However, maybe you can eat them only if you have a free day to be lazy and laying down on the bed.

Because of fried foods, your digestive system has to work hard to process all that fat.

That will surely leave you with a lack of energy.

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