Foot Massage For Recovering Your Entire Body!

Foot Massage

Foot massage is a great way to improve the state of the whole organism because the feet can freely be called the anatomical map of the entire body, in which all organs and also systems are referred to as so-called reflex points.

On the feet, there are zones that correspond to all the organs and also glands in our body.

In addition, there are as well as over 70,000 nerve endings.

Today, many useful and also pleasant techniques for foot massage coming from different cultures are known.

Foot massage is good for the entire body

Prevent swelling in the legs, back, and also muscle pain

An ordinary foot massage will help with the feeling of weight in the legs and also muscle fatigue.

It is useful for pain and also spasms in the lower part of the leg and back.

In addition, it is useful with strong physical effort.

The effect of “healing” in the massage of your feet is created because it eliminates the feeling of discomfort, relaxes muscles after physical training and also prevents swelling and problems with the bone-muscular system.

Thai massage, for example, improves the lymphatic system, improves blood circulation and also strengthens the immune system.

In addition, it eliminates problems with the digestive tract and normalizes the urinary tract.

At the same time, it prevents swelling of the leg and the development of varicose veins.

It also helps with insomnia and tension and helps with cramps in the muscles.

Correct the circulation

Foot massage, or stimulation of certain spots on the feet (acupressure), is also one of the most common types of massage.

The feet are the most biologically active points, which are also the “projections” of the organs in the body.

Therefore, the massage of these points has a healing effect on certain internal organs, and can also eliminate tiredness and tension.

As well as a general massage of the foot, acupressure of the foot also helps with some chronic diseases.

It contributes to the normalization of blood pressure and lymphatic drainage, respiratory processes and also swelling.

This massage also helps you relax and relieve tension.

With this technique, you can also eliminate joint pains.

Foot massage at home – does it yourself!

– Put pillows or tide blanket under your knees first

– The room temperature also needs to be normal, so it will not be cold with your feet

– It would be desirable that the room be fragrant, therefore, you can also light up the scented candles or fragrant sticks (if you have it)

– Also, the aromatic flavors will help you to relax further

– Prepare the creams that heat the skin to relieve the pain and also feelings of weight in the legs

– You need to begin massage by rubbing your feet with your fingers, and then each toe

– After warming your foot you need also start to massage with circular thumb movements

– Then massage the lower part of the leg and also Achilles’ heel with the same circular movements

– Move slowly to the upper leg and then slowly return to your feet and also repeat everything

Another type of foot massage is walking on tiny pebbles or sand (on the beach) and also on freshly cut grass.

It is very pleasant and, at the same time, also healthy.

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