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Forget Expensive Powders And Correctors! 4 Tips For Perfect Complexion!

Forget Expensive Powders And Correctors! 4 Tips For Perfect Complexion!

Perfect complexion is something that every woman wants.

However, with age, it becomes a real hassle to apply a powder every day.

It would also be healthy for the skin not to be constantly under the makeup cosmetic products.

If you want to be free and also avoid the application of the powder, we have found these beauty tips.

These beauty tips nourish the skin, give you a perfect complexion, and also you will be free from the artificial makeup after one week.

Just remember – this is not coming overnight.

Be patient and, in addition, stay far away from artificial makeup for a few weeks.

Then enjoy your glittering, natural, and also perfect complexion!

4 tips for a perfect complexion

– 1. Massage your face

Facial massage at the beauty salon provides instant lifting.

However, unfortunately, this effect does not last long.

Therefore, it would be good for you to learn some massage technique by yourself.

In that way, you can massage your face several times a day.

Massage rejuvenates facial skin, it improves circulation on the skin surface and also provides more active ingredients from the skin.

– 2. Use natural acids

The skin looks gray, lifeless, and tired most often due to the accumulated dead skin cells.

Therefore, you need periodically perform face peeling.

The cells of our skin naturally replenish every 28 days.

However, as we grow older, this period of renewal is prolonged.

In addition, if you do the peeling once a week, that will speed up the process.

Dermatologists recommend peeling with acids, such as glycolic acid or milk acid – lactic acid.

They will immediately repair the appearance of your pores and give a fresh perfect complexion of your face.

Peeling with particles that mechanically remove dead cells are not very recommended by dermatologists.

This type of peeling is damaging the protective layer of the skin.

– 3. Add vitamins

Vitamin C is known to give a glow to the face immediately, and also:

– It removes pigmentation stains

– Helps creation of collagen

– It makes the face brighter

– Also, it smoothes wrinkles

Also, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin B3 have great skin effects.

Therefore, it is worth investing in a good vitamin-serum that you will use regularly.

The vitamin-serum with vitamin C is quite expensive.

At the same time, you will not use too much powder, correctors, and makeup cosmetic products.

– 4. Put oil on your face skin

When you are massaging your face, do it with some natural oil such as a night cream oil rich in omega-3 acids.

In addition, this oil relaxes and also hydrates your skin.

You can also use wild rose oil, a product of wild roses – it slowly smoothes and removes stains from the face.

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