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Fresh And Dry Herbs! Use them in the best way!

Fresh And Dry Herbs! Use them in the best way!

Mother Nature provides us with amazing herbs which are healthy to use in our daily diets.

In addition, herbs are main ingredients and supplements in a lot of cuisines and also alternative healing treatments such as Traditional Chinese medicine.

You need also get ready for some surprising taste of different fresh or dry herbs.

It doesn`t matter if you grow this healthy plants for healing, crafts, fragrance, cooking or garden display.

Herbs are for sure, one of the simplest and easiest natural plants to grow in your garden or home.

You can select some of the lists below and have them always near you when you prepare your meals.

How to use fresh or dry herbs?

Basil, parsley, onion, shallot, and dill are easy and cheaper to grow at home.

These types of herbs you need to add to food in the fresh form,

At the same time, they give the much better aroma of purchase or dry spices.

Dry herbs you can use at the beginning of cooking.

On the other hand, experts recommend adding fresh at the end of cooking.

Do not forget the aromatic seeds that give to your dishes a delicate flavor.

Anise seeds are an excellent dry seasoning, and also release all the flavors when you slightly warm or fry them.

Celery is undervalued spice, and at the same time is reusable.

You can dry celery, for use in the preparation of domestic spice mixture and add it to sauces and meat dishes.

Fresh spices should always take precedence.

Basil, parsley, onion, shallot and dill you should never use dried.

But, on the other hand, dried thyme, bay leaf, and sage, do not lose as much on quality.

Fragrant bay leaves

When you cook the fish or meat, does not make sense to use dry bay leaves if you have fresh bay leaves according to chefs.

In a new fashion

You can use fresh basil, turmeric, and grated lemon to make flavoring butter which goes well with fish and meat.

Use these helpful cooking tips so you can get the best benefits of those amazing and also healthy herbs.


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