From Depression To Cancer And Alzheimer`s Disease! Saffron May Cure It All!


For over 4,000 years, saffron treats more than 90 diseases, including multiple sclerosis, infertility, and also atherosclerosis.

Medical experts around the world are increasingly looking for a more secure way of fighting mood disorders.

One of the popular natural treatments for depression in the world is saffron.

American psychiatrists treat it as well as the most effective antidepressants just this herb does not show unwanted side effects.

This is the most expensive spice in the world.

Its price ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 per kilo.

Price is justified by the fact that it needs about 80,000 flowers for nearly half a kilogram.

In addition, this plant is harvested solely by the hands of a strictly periodic period of only one to three weeks a year.

That also affects the high price of this herb.

Saffron as a natural antidepressant

In traditional Persian medicine, people use this spice for depression.

Several studies show that it can alleviate many psychiatric conditions.

Iranian scientists also say that saffron can do the same job as many antidepressants.

Two compounds from this spice – safranal, and crocin – provide a balance of levels of several brain substances.

At the same time, those brain substances stimulate and stabilize the mood.

These compounds are expressed as antidepressants because they balance the levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and also serotonin.

Chinese experts have concluded that the crocin is an active substance and also should be considered as a new important substance that can be useful in treating depression.

Up to now, in the worlds, a total of 14 scientific studies have examined saffron properties as antidepressants.

All of them show that in this herb there is a positive effect in the treatment of anxiety and also depression.

In one study, the researchers studied 40 people with mild to moderate depressive mood.

They are divided into two groups – one is given this spice (15 mg, 2 times a day), while others are one other medicament.

As a result, two months later, the spice was as effective as the medicament used by the other group.

In addition, studies suggest that this spice can relieve the symptoms of anxiety, premenstrual syndrome, sexual dysfunction, infertility, etc.

Other health benefits of saffron

– Sexual dysfunction
– Macular degeneration

A study from Italia and an Australian study show that saffron also helps slow down the progression of age-related macular degeneration.

At the same time, improves vision, and also prevents retinal damage, judging by animal studies.

– Pancreatic Cancer

The researchers find that the crocin inhibits the growth of human pancreatic cancer cells.

– Alzheimer’s disease

As a result of studies, equally effective as the leading drug for Alzheimer`s disease.

– Metabolic syndrome

Research suggests that this herb can significantly reduce the symptoms of this syndrome.


One study has shown that this plant relieves symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

– Menstrual cramps

Studies also show a significant reduction in menstrual spasms.

– Infertility

In the Journal of Urology Journal, it is reported that 50 milligrams of saffron per day within three months raised semen fertility liquid by 21 percent.

– Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers from Pakistan have suggested that saffron can potentially be useful for MS treatment.

Parkinson’s Disease

A compound crocetin from this herb (spice) is useful in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease.

In addition, it has therapeutic potential in the fight against this neurological disorder.

– Anxiety and Insomnia

One study on animals determines that this spice reduces their activity as anxiety in humans.

At the same time, it increases the total time of sleeping.

– Memory Loss

Brain Research finds that this spice also improves memory in animals.

– Cancer

By examining more than 30 studies on the relationship between saffron and cancer, it has been concluded that it has the potential to prevent and also treat certain forms of cancer.

– Weight Loss

A 2010 study found that consumption of this spice can help people control eating.

Some lesser uses and benefits of saffron are help in:

– Inflammation problems

– Stomach problems

– Pain relief


– Heart health

– Blood pressure regulation

– Cholesterol

– Asthma

– Coughing, etc.


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