From Now On Eat Potatoes Just This Way! Avoid 7 Diseases, Perfect Metabolism!


We all love potatoes, right?

Potato is a very popular source of food but, unfortunately, most people eat it in the form of fatty French fries and also fried chips.

If you prepare potatoes in this way, eat often, and also in large quantities, it can contribute to various health problems.

However, if we remove the refined oil when preparing it, this vegetable can be a very healthy selection of low-calorie nutrients.

In addition, it is rich in fibers that offer protection against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

The consumption of a variety of fruits and vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of many health problems.

Here, below we present some of the medicinal properties of this plant if you are eating cooked or grilled.

Health benefits of cooked or grilled potatoes

– 1. Heart health

Fibers, potassium, vitamin C, and also vitamin B6 together with a lack of Trans fat support heart health.

Potassium contains significant amounts of fiber that also help reduce the total amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Therefore, it reduces the risk of heart disease.

– 2. Inflammation

Choline is an essential nutrient that can be found in the potatoes.

It helps with:

– Better sleep

– Muscle Movements

– Learning

– And also memory

In addition, it also helps:

– To maintain the cellular membrane structure

– In the transmission of nerve impulses

– Assists in the absorption of fat

– Also, reduces chronic inflammation

– 3. Digestion

Because of its high fiber content, potato helps in constipation and also helps with a regular healthy digestive tract.

– 4. Skin appearance

Vitamin C and also vitamin B complex, as well as minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and also zinc, are excellent for the skin.

In addition, pulp that can be obtained from mashed raw potato in combination with natural honey can work great for skin and face.

This even helps to cure pimples and dark spots on the skin.

Also, if this pulp is applied to burns, it can provide quick relief and faster healing.

– 5. High blood pressure

Considering that high blood pressure may occur for a number of reasons, including diabetes, tension, poor soreness, food imbalance, the food we eat, and the like, different ways of treatment are needed.

Fortunately, potatoes can help with many potential causes, such as tensions.

It can also help with bad digestion as it contains plenty of vitamin C and fibers.

However, we need to avoid potatoes if high blood pressure is a result of diabetes.

The fibers help reduce LDL cholesterol and also improve the function of insulin in the blood.

Those benefits lower high blood pressure.

This is because of the direct link between blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

– 6. Bone health

Iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and also zinc in the potato contribute to the construction and maintenance of bone structure and strength.

In addition, iron and zinc play a key role in the creation and maturation of collagen.

At the same time, phosphorus and calcium are very important to the bone structure.

It is also important to balance these two minerals, due to proper mineralization of the bones.

Intake of too much phosphorus and too little calcium can cause the bone to weaken.

– 7. Maintenance and losing weight

Dietary fibers are often seen as an essential factor in maintaining and also reducing weight.

These ingredients increase satiety and reduce appetite.

Also, they are making the person feel satiated and thus reduce further caloric intake during the day.

Other uses:

Juice from potatoes can also be excellent against:

– Bruising

– Burns

– Ulcers

– Effects from narcotics

Prostate cancer

– Formation of cysts

– Also, the formation of tumors


On the other hand, attention should be paid to potato intake.

Green potatoes are often poisonous as well as potato leaves because they contain alkaloids such as solanine and also arsenic.

In addition, if you want to lose weight, avoid potatoes fried in oil – you can bake it.

However, you do not have to worry.

These risk factors only affect a small number of people that eat the potato.

If you are healthy, you do not have to be burdened by the fact that you will be entering more calories.

You can also sometimes be honored with the French fries.

Otherwise, take advantage of all the healing properties that this delicious vegetable provides.


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