Fungal Infection Disappears Overnight! The Recipes Of Our Grandmothers!

Fungal Infection

If you have a fungal infection on the skin and you do not know how to resolve, here are some useful natural treatments to make medicine by yourself.

Many people develop this type of infection, especially in summer.

This occurs more frequently on your toes and also on the hands.

The medical name for this type of disease is onychomycosis.

This type of infection is not serious, but has the ability to irritate and is hard to treat.

The infection can develop slowly and initially changes the color of the nail and then twist them or thicken.

Anyway, you need to follow the advice and also to prevent it from getting worse.

Some of the things that you can do to prevent fungal infection:

– Keep your feet and hands clean and dry

– Wear appropriate footwear made of natural materials

– Wear pure cotton socks

– Keep your nails at normal size

– Do not share towels and socks with other people

– Regularly wash your feet and hands

– Do not walk around barefoot in public swimming pools, showers, and locker rooms

– Replace old shoes because it can be a source of infection.

However, if you have a problem with this infection, there are various natural remedies that can cure the infection in a month.

Ingredients that combat fungal infection

Baking soda

Baking soda is available in any kitchen and you can use it for the treatment of fungal infections.

It also helps to neutralize bad smells of your feet.

Add a half cup of baking soda, a quarter cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and half a cup of Epsom salt in 4 cups of hot water.

Mix well the ingredients, then add a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar.

Soak the feet or toes if you have the fungus and keep in water for about 10 minutes.

Wash with clean water and dry thoroughly.

Repeat the process twice daily for a few weeks.


Yogurt is an excellent remedy for the fungal infection.

This fungus is usually developing in the area between the nail and toes and contains live bacteria acidophiles.

Because of its natural properties, you can use yogurt for this purpose.

Yogurt contains “friendly” microbes that destroy the fungal infection.

All you need to do is to dip your feet in yogurt or simply rub your feet and let it dry.

In the end, just rinse your feet in cold water.

Hydrogen peroxide

Another common ingredient may be hydrogen peroxide.

If you dip your feet in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water, you can prevent unpleasant fungus from spreading further.

This compound is a very effective cure to cure this disease.

Add 100 milliliters of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution of the pharmaceutical in one liter of distilled water.

Mix well and let feet to stand for 20 minutes.

Repeat the process every morning, until the fungal infection is gone.


Starch is the main ingredient in many antibacterial and antifungal medicinal oils.

Corn starch has very powerful properties to absorb moisture and thus help in the treatment.

You need a half a teaspoon of corn starch and a little hot water.

Stir this mixture, set the oven to 220 degrees and place in the oven until it turns dark.

Wash and dry your feet and then put this mixture and allow it to stand for 1 minute.

Finally, rinse your feet or hands with warm water.

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