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Gallstone 1
Gallstone is usually formed in the case of disruption of emptying of the gallbladder.

It may be caused by cholesterols, pigments or bilirubin, calcium and mixed composition.

Since gallstone is more frequent in women than men because the female hormone estrogen slows down the secretion of bile juices.

The most common symptoms of gallstone include pain in the stomach in the form of tingling on the right side below the ribs, nausea, bitter taste in the mouth and headache.

These symptoms usually occur after a meal, especially if the meal was high-fat.

There are people who although they have this problem do not feel any pain, but there is no guarantee that they will ever occur.

Gallstone can be prevented and treated

Gallstone 2Since this page represents the theme gallstones and natural healing let`s get to the point.

Certain diet can largely prevent the formation of gallstone and alleviate symptoms in people who already have it.

So, in that case, it`s recommended food with less fat in several smaller meals.

Especially avoid overly spicy foods, yeast, meat and potatoes fried in lard, eggs, cream, fatty cheeses, whole fat milk, and general foods rich in cholesterol which include foods of animal origin.

Also, reduce your intake of sugar.

The food import as many fruits and vegetables, (all cooked meat except pork meat, yogurt and dairy products made from skimmed milk – NOT FOR VEGAN), rice and other cereals, boiled potatoes, all pasta (preferably without yeast), dry biscuits, crackers, oils of vegetable origin.

Linseed oil can prevent an occurrence of gallstone, fresh dandelion can dissolve gallstone, Tibetan mushroom is a natural remedy for gallstone and black radish can cure a gallstone.

And now here are the recipes for breaking gallstone if he is already present

Folk medicine as a natural remedy for breaking gallstones usually recommends the juice of black radish and how to prepare and use is described on the page called “Black Radish”.

Next thing that can make dissolution of gallstones are lemon and olive oil.

One dose should contain a mixture of juice of one lemon and one tablespoon of olive oil.

Well mixed, drink in the morning, before eating, at least a few days.

This also helps with breaking up kidney stones.

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