Home Drinks German Folk Remedy! One Glass Purifies The Arteries And Prevents The Most Serious Diseases! (RECIPE)
German Folk Remedy! One Glass Purifies The Arteries And Prevents The Most Serious Diseases! (RECIPE)

German Folk Remedy! One Glass Purifies The Arteries And Prevents The Most Serious Diseases! (RECIPE)

This natural German Folk Remedy prevents free radicals in the body causing the most severe diseases and a number of other conditions associated with heart and blood disease.

The German Folk Remedy is derived from German folk medicine and combines three super ingredients.

These super ingredients all together and can have extremely positive health effects to have a healthy body.

First of all, it is excellent for treating and preventing clogged arteries.

It is also good for:

– Regulating high levels of fat in the blood

– Preventing general body fatigue

– Preventing and treating infections and colds

– Intensifying the immune system

Liver cleansing

– Improving liver enzymes

German Folk Remedy recipe

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 4 bigger heads of garlic

– 4 whole lemons

– Smaller ginger root (about 3-4cm)

– 2 liters of pure water

Preparation of the recipe:

First of all, you need to wash lemons and cut them in pieces.

You need to use organic lemons.

Then clean garlic and put it together with lemon and ginger in a blender.

Make a uniform mass with the blender.

Add the mixture in the metal container, pour two liters of water and heat all together to the boiling point.

Just before the boiling point, turn off the heat and let it cool off.

Strain the mixture through a medium thick strainer and put it in the glass bottles.

Application of the German folk remedy:

You need to drink one glass (2 dl) of this German folk remedy at least 2 hours before meals, or completely empty stomach.

The remedy you need to keep in the fridge.

The treatment lasts for 3 weeks, with the daily consumption of one glass.

After this treatment, you need to have a one-week break.

After pausing you can continue to consume in the same cycle.

If the taste of remedy does not match to you, you can add a little honey.

After 3 weeks of use, you will feel a significant regeneration of the body.

The German folk remedy is especially useful in preventing calcification in the body that is causing stones and blockage of blood vessels.

The combination of lemon, water, and boiling neutralizes the scent of garlic, so you do not have to worry about it.

You need to shake the bottle with this homemade remedy before consumption.

On that way, the lemon slices and the garlic on the bottom will mix with the juice.

Those people who that are using this healthy beverage say that the potion is excellent for the elderly.

It gives them energy and strength, and so it rejuvenates them because after several weeks they improve their circulation.

Share this healthy recipe with your friends and family.


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