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Ghee! Neglected Ayurvedic Herbal Butter!

Ghee! Neglected Ayurvedic Herbal Butter!

Why do you need to use plain butter when you can also enjoy the benefits of amazing Ayurvedic herbal butter ghee, in its purified form?

Yoga teachers are saying that this herbal butter protects the joints.

In addition, Ayurvedic healers recommend it for a various range of diseases – from poor digestion to memory loss.

But what is exactly this golden herbal butter and how it is different from ordinary butter?

Ghee in the 21st Century

Nowadays many people find that this herbal butter is not healthy because it contains various saturated fats, which increase cholesterol.

However, the opinion of not healthy saturated fats that now prevails in is not correct.

Humanity for many years, even centuries is depending on the saturated fats.

These fats nourish the body and promote good health.

Saturated fats can:

– Reduce the risk of heart disease

– Reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol

– Prevent osteoporosis

– Strengthen the immune system

– Feed the brain and nervous system

– Regulating the production of hormones

But, it is also important to choose some natural saturated fats such as real butter and not choose margarine.

It is essential to avoid highly processed fats and hydrogenated oils.

It also has been shown that they cause high cholesterol, heart disease, and cancer.

Scientific research of this herbal butter confirms that this ingredient does not enhance the level of dangerous cholesterol in human blood.

Actually, it reduces the harmful cholesterol in the blood.

What is ghee?

Ghee is a naturally purified butter.

This ingredient you can produce with cooking butter at a low temperature.

During the process of cooking water evaporates from butter.

At the same time, you separate and remove milk solids substances with a spoon.

In this proper way, you will get fragrant and tasty oil without impurities.

You do not have to keep this herbal butter in the fridge.

If you prepare it in a proper way, it will not spoil.

Ghee plays an important part in Ayurvedic and Indian cooking.

It adds beautiful yellow color and delicious flavor to all foods.

At the same time, it is also resistant to high heat.

It is interesting that the ghee is often treated as one exotic ingredient from distant India.

Actually, in other regions people use it from an ancient time under the simple title “Butter”.

The healing attributes of ghee

In Ayurveda, this ingredient is highly valued for its medicinal and healthy properties.

Ayurveda places this herbal butter, or purified butter, at highest place on the list of foods that contain fat.

This herbal butter is a medicinal and pure ingredient.

It does not contain additives that common butter has.

Ghee contains unsaturated and saturated fatty acids.

Regardless of that saturated fatty acids, this ingredient decreases levels of dangerous cholesterol in human body.

Also, it does not have lactose and casein, which make it suitable for individuals allergic to milk.

In addition, doesn`t contain preservatives, flavors, sugar, and salt.

According to Ayurveda, ghee possesses the following health benefits:

– Improves human memory

– Strengthens human intelligence

– Regulates digestion problems

– Protects the joints

– Improves your vision

– Strengthens your immune system

– Gives vitality and flexibility to your body

Anti-aging properties

– Speed up wound healing

– Cleans your blood vessels

– Decrease the level of dangerous cholesterol

– Balances “Pitta Dosha” and also “Vata Dosha”

Over the years its healing properties strengthen.

As soon as ghee is getting older, people more appreciate its healing properties.

100 years old ghee is also highly honored in India.

Monks keep this century-old herbal butter in the temple in large containers and use exclusively for religious purposes and as a medicine.

Old herbal butter balances all three “Doshas” and also you can use for treating vaginal diseases, fever, psychosis, alcoholism, and epilepsy.

Application in Ayurveda

-1. Taking purified ghee

For the purpose of cleansing and healing the body, Ayurveda is recommending consumption of one to two teaspoons of this butter in the morning, on an empty stomach.

It warms the body, rejuvenates the body, stimulates the digestion, and promotes eliminating harmful toxins from the human body.

-2. The preparation of ayurvedic medicines

In Ayurveda, people use it as a carrier, or base, for the preparation of remedies.

Ghee enhances assimilation, absorption, and also extraction of herbs.

Ingredients for preparation:

– 1 part is herbs

– 4 parts is ghee

– 16 parts is water


Place the herbs, water in the herbal butter and cook over low heat until the water evaporates.

When the mixture is cold you can also add a vitamin E – natural preservative.

When you use it in combination with plants this herbal butter transfer their healing properties to all body cells of the organism.

-3. External application

This herbal butter people also use alone or in some combinations with honey for treating blisters, skin inflammation, burns, and wounds.

-4. For massage

People use massage with ghee to treat some disorders at “Pitta Dosha” and “Vata Dosha”.

Ancient Susruta Samhita recommends that this herbal butter is excellent for massage all parts of the body.

Moreover, that is the best medicine for inflammatory diseases of the bowel.

Ayurveda says that our skin absorbs this ingredient.

During that process of massage, it`s absorbing about 60% that travels through our pores to all tissues of the body.

How to make this herbal butter – ghee

Making of this natural herbal ingredient is easy.

You need a stainless steel pot with a thick bottom with a capacity of 5 L and 1-2 kg of unsalted butter.

The best butter for preparation is homemade butter.

If you prepare first time this ingredient, take a small quantity of butter – half a kilogram.

When you have more experience, you can then prepare and a larger quantity of this ingredient.

-1. Put the butter in one pan and you need to heat ingredient over low heat until the butter is molten.

-2. Now, you can increase the fire.

When the butter boils, decrease the heat again to a minimum.

-3. Allow this butter to cook over low heat and during cooking remove with a spoon the white foam that is on the surface.

You do not need to mix butter.

-4. After 40-50 minutes butter will be completely transparent.

You will feel the subtle fragrance, and you will see at the bottom of the container a brown colored and caramelized milk fat.

-5. Turn off the heat and put aside to cool down.

-6. Strain it through a tea towel or gauze in the glass jar.

When the ingredient is completely cooled down, close the jar tightly.

-7. When is cold, this ingredient should thicken and have a yellow color.

-8. You can store it at room temperature.

The shelf life of this ingredient is unlimited.

When you prepare your meals you can use ghee same as you use oil, margarine or butter.

You can use it for seasoning dishes, braising, baking, and frying.

Ghee is also suitable if you like to make some food with deep frying.

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