Golden Tips To Lose Weight!

Lose Weight

If you apply these 13 tips, you will have 500 calories less per day and also lose weight!

The formula for these golden tips to lose weight cannot be simpler.

You can lose one kilogram per week if you consume 500 calories less every day.

This does not mean that you need to count perfect your calories and to be on a diet.

However, it will be enough for you to go through the everyday habits with the next simple tips.

Golden tips to lose weight

Eggs for breakfast

For breakfast, eat two eggs that will also satiate you enough with 415 calories less for the rest of the day.

In addition, you can start your lunch with a low-calorie soup and that is about 130 calories less.

Get rid of the carbonated drinks

In three deciliters of carbonated drinks can be hidden over 200 calories.

Instead of carbonated drinks, you can also satisfy your thirst with water.

Enjoy buying food and preparing meals

Instead of fast buying food in the market, you can also prolong the time in the market.

With preparing a fine longer lunch/dinner at home and also set up a table you will lose as much as 640 calories.

Eat less pasta

The portion of pasta needs to be the size of the hand.

However, and it is usually served in twice, three or even four times larger portions.

In addition, these portions may have up to a thousand calories.

Leave the pot on the stove

Do not put prepared meals on the table when you eat.

In that way, they are a lure for you to put again and again.

In addition, you can place food on the plates and leave all the pots on the stove.

Eat from smaller plates

If you eat from smaller plates you will also eat up to 20 to 25 percent less food.

That is about 500 calories less, and you will also feel equally satiated.

Eat nuts in a moderate amount

Nuts contain fat that is healthy for the heart but has also a lot of calories.

Therefore, eat nuts, they are healthy but eat them in moderate amount.

In addition, if you cannot resist them then replace them with the pistachios.

Two hands have about 160 calories, and if you eat them you will lose time because you need to remove the shells.

Do not eat in front of the TV

If you eat while watching TV you can also eat up to 300 calories more.

Eat at a table and also instead of watching TV take a walk for an hour.

In that way, you will lose about 530 calories.

Limit the number of guests

According to some studies, if you eat in the company of seven or more people you can also eat up to 90 percent more!

It’s like eating a double meal.

Therefore, invite fewer people at your home for lunch/dinner and eat 500 calories less.

Leave something on the plate

You can also leave about 25 percent of the food on your plate when you eat.

If you usually consume 2 000 calories a day or so, you will get 500 calories less.

Get rid of popcorn in the cinema

We usually buy a large portion of Butter-spiced popcorn in a cinema.

They may contain up to a 1 000 calories.

Instead of this Butter-spiced popcorn, you can make the unsalted popcorn at home and you’ll have about 700 calories less.

Do not be hungry

Do not lose weight by starving.

Instead of starving you can also drink plenty of water and consume fiber – fruit, vegetables.

Get enough sleep

Research shows that people who sleep around five hours they also eat more.

In addition, if you are sleeping about seven hours a day you can consume up to 1000 calories less.

Therefore, you can go through the everyday habits with these golden tips and lose weight without problems.

Share these golden tips with your friends and also family members if you like to lose weight.

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