GRAPE – Food of the Gods is here for us


Grape has long been known as the food of the gods because it looks enticing, irresistibly delicious, highly nutritious and extremely healthy fruit.

In the world, there are over 50 varieties of table grapes and more than 60 varieties of grapes that are grown in the winery.

We can divide this fruit on the black, white and red grape.

Most scientific tests and researchers are on the impact of the grape in the prevention and mitigation of heart disease and other medicinal properties.

In this beautiful fruit is hiding vitamins A, B and C, folic acid, enzymes, fructose, glucose, proteins, as well as thirteen minerals important for human body including potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, sodium , selenium …

Thus, we see that the grape is a rich source of many nutrients and medicinal substances.

Grape is a natural gift from Gods

Many studies confirm that grape juice and red wine may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Proof of this is the French people for whom it is known that by eating frequently consumed red wine and less falling ill from heart disease compared to other nations around the world.

The explanation lies in the fact that red wine prevents obstruction of blood vessels that can lead to heart attack and stroke.

Saponins, beneficial substances found in grape are linked to cholesterol and thereby prevent its absorption into the body.

Furthermore, the saponins may be blocked inflammation in the body.

Next thing makes grape a good fighter against cancer and that are bioflavonoids.

This is a set of chemicals that contribute to the destruction of cancer cells.

It seems that red grape is the healthiest and best to eat in order to prevent this terrible disease.

Then, a high concentration of tannins (polyphenols) in grape can help in the fight against viruses and tumors.

Certain substances in grape trigger enzymes that increase the stability of DNA and slow the aging process.

Grapes are useful for the eyes and increasing the intake of this fruit can reduce the risk of vision loss by 30-40%.

Raisins, “grapes in a small package” is very rich in sugar and has a high nutritional value, so it should be used in cases of fatigue, exhaustion, and after a long illness.

Oil from grape seed regulates the levels of good and bad cholesterol, lowers  high blood pressure and can be used in various ways (for cooking, frying, as a topping for cold dishes and salads …).

It burns at high temperatures and during frying does not come easily to the development of carcinogenic substances.

The oil from the seeds of grapes is used in cosmetics for skin care body and face looks regenerate and renews and hydrates the skin.

Food of the gods can have a huge positive effect on the human body although there are some limitations, and caution is recommended for people with diabetes and those who have gastric problems.

Note: remember that grapes should not be consumed together with beer, mineral water, milk or melons because such a combination can cause severe stomach problems.

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