Grape Seed Extract As A Medicine! Kills Cancer Cells Resistant To Chemotherapy!

Grape Seed Extract

A recent study shows that grape seed extract target cancer cells that have become highly resistant to chemotherapy.

At the same time, this extract from grape (seeds) works without destroying healthy cells.

It is known that when cancer is advanced, it is less effective chemotherapy.

But a new study proves exactly the opposite effect for grape seed extract.

The more advanced cancer, the better extract works to its destruction.

In addition, it is evident that the grape seed extract is more effective in treating cancer in late stage than is the case with the treatment of chemotherapy.

Not only that, but you need less and less extract to kill cancer cells.

It is also able to act on cells that have become resistant to the drugs, which makes chemotherapy useless.

The research teams conduct their experiments on the lines of colorectal cancer that represent all stages of the disease.

Use grape seed extract instead of chemotherapy

Although it typically takes more chemotherapy treatment to destroy cancer cells in the IV stage, in contrast to the II stage, precisely the opposite is with the grape seed extract.

It takes about half the concentration of this extract to have control on the growth of cells.

In addition, it terminates the 50% of the cells in the fourth stage.

At the same time, it is necessary to achieve similar results in the second stage with much more grape seed extract.

Colon cancer cell can have more than 11,000 genetic mutations – when you compare with the DNA in healthy cells.

Traditional chemotherapy is targeting only a specific mutation, and when cancer progresses more dangerous mutation occurs.

These changes are leading to cancer resistance to chemotherapy.

In contrast, many bioactive compounds in grape seed extract are able to target more mutations.

If there are more mutations in cancer, this extract is more effective.

The study was conducted at the Cancer Center of the University of Colorado and has been published in the journal “Cancer Letters”.

The survey that they test on cells of colon cancer does not test on the living beings.

Previous studies have documented that grape seed extract destroys cancer, but this study found a possible way in which this is happening.

Scientists think that this extract causes oxidative stress that is leading to a death of cancer cells known as apoptosis.

For some time scientists know that the bioactive substances from grape seed selective targeting many types of cancer cells.

This study shows that many mutations that enable cells to colon cancer metastasize and survive traditional therapies, make them particularly vulnerable to treatment with grape seed extract.

Studies have found the active ingredient, resveratrol, which is found in the seeds and skin of grapes.

Resveratrol has also many positive effects on the human body:

– To inhibit cell proliferation of pancreatic cancer

– To act protectively against several types of viruses

– It is effective in herpes simplex 1 infection, varicella zoster virus, human cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, enterovirus 71 (can cause paralysis, including heart)

– That stops the growth of colon cancer

– To treat persistent fungal infection

– To protect against Alzheimer’s disease

– It has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system

Earlier research also confirms the power of the grape seed.

Researchers at the University of Kentucky conducted study properties of grape seed extract.

They found that it activates the death of 76% of leukemia cells in 24 hours, and exposed to the extract in the laboratory experiment.

Their research, published in the journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, found that grape seed extract causes the destruction of leukemia cells ‘inclusion’ of proteins known as JNK that regulates the destruction of cancer cells.

This is one more natural way to fight and terminate this dangerous worldwide disease.



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